Oh! Nicola Formichetti said that he might be working with 2NE1 in the future! What do you guys think about that?

There is a man responsible for dressing mega popstar Lady Gaga in her famous meat dress. He has never studied fashion design, but currently in his early 30′s, he has now become the head of a luxury brand. He is none other than French Fashion House MUGLER‘s creative director and Lady Gaga’s stylist, Nicola Formichetti. During a recent interview, Formichetti admitted to being a fan of K-Pop.

Formichetti is half Asian with a Japanese mother and an Italian father. When asked which side he feels closer to, he answered, “I was born in Shizuoka, Japan and grew up in Tokyo. I went to high school in Rome, and lived in London for ten years after that. I felt like an outsider growing up, but I think it’s helped me build an ability to blend different things. I look young for being 35, thanks to my Asian blood (laughs).”

The fashionista also admitted to being a huge fan of Korean pop music. “I am a huge fan of Big Bangand 2NE1. 2NE1 knows how to sing. Just this morning, I listened to 2NE1′s “Scream” and Big Bang’s ‘Fantastic Baby“, he said, revealing the tracks on his iPhone playlist. “This is a secret, but I may be working with 2NE1 in the future. There are a lot of Korean people that I know in Europe. I once did a show with designer Woo Young Mee in Paris a few years back. We had bibimbap (Korean mixed rice meal) together, and the spicy kick was the greatest. If I were ever invited to Seoul’s Fashion Week, I would love to go. I want to work on a new Lady Gaga outfit with Korean designers, and I also want to learn Korean.”


Comments on: "Article: Lady Gaga’s Stylist Nicola Formichetti is a fan of Big Bang & 2NE1" (9)

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  2. sweepberry said:

    Wouldn’t this make LGG mad? Like what not? She asked Papa Teddy to compose a song for her but he rejects it becouse of our Girls!! And now LGG’s stylist is going with 2NE1? 😀

  3. ckjack_bla said:

    He’s a nice so I think he will not allow 2NE1 to be labeled as Korean Lady Gaga. If ever he will work with 2NE1 in the future I believe that he will boost the swagger 2NE1 already have. Let’s be positive about coz a famous fashion designer admires 2NE1.

  4. youaredbest said:

    please… Gaga is gaga. I hope if he will be working with the girls.. Create a style that is purely 2ne1. Then again 2ne1 may not escape lady gaga’s shadows if in US, people will surely judge them. Pls let yanggaeng style them instead, i miss their ‘i dont care ‘concept…

    • 100%AGREE!!!! i really hope their stylist see your comment!!!!!
      I REALLY HOPE Dara unnie wear sexy outfits for the next mv!!!!

  5. well, for me I would love to see them being androgynous, fierce with a twist of LGG style..and so on.

  6. sweepberry said:

    He should ask Yanggaeng’s permission first, not to mention out of all YG checkpoints.
    I dont want 2ne1 to be so “Monsterous” looking like Gaga. >w<

    • same here. I love the fact that a famous stylist is a fan of our girls but I don’t really like the idea of him working with them. I can’t and I don’t want to imagine Dara dressing up like lady gaga O.o

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