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Comments on: "Photos: 120511 Press Photos of 2NE1 at the Opening Ceremony of Yeosu Expo 2012" (10)

  1. kyah! i mis 2ne1 so much.. im so happy to see them with their own styles 😀

  2. think dara is gaining weight now..thats what i noticed everytime i see her new pix…she’s sexy now….

  3. oh my! Dara’s body has improved!!!! near to perfection :))

  4. noonanoona said:

    sorry,I have to say……I really hate the photographer. Those are not the best pictures of them…..their face look weird and funny. Huh =3
    Their perfromance is the best as always<3

  5. i think dara is the sexiest now among the member ,she is physically fit…

  6. cheneechee said:

    Dara is so serious LOL

  7. melissa riddle said:

    is it just me or dara never smiled during the whole performance?!? she’s so serious and intense during the whole performance. 😀

  8. i rewatched the vid… she hopped! nice camera angle…

  9. Luv the 3rd pic<33 😀

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