The third mystery girl from YG’s upcoming girl group has been revealed.

On the 11th, YG uploaded a 1 minute 37 second-long video through their YG life blog. On the said video, the mystery girl showcased her dancing ability ahead of their debut, and she was confirmed to be the 5th member of YG’s girls generation. She’s a 16 year old girl who’s half Korean and half Caucasian.

Prior to this, the other members of this upcoming girl group were revealed. The list includes Yuna Kim, Kim Eunbi, and two other mystery girls. Both Kim Eunbi and Yuna Kim has appeared already on “Superstart K” so the information about the mystery girls evoked curiosity among netizens. If you’ll have a close look to the members of YG’ mystery girlgroup, you can see that they are somewhat similar to the girls who rocked the music industry like a comet, girlgroup 2NE1.

First is Kim Eunbi who’s known as the “oldest” in the team despite her young age (19), she has made an appearance on Superstar K2 last 2010 and showed off her exceptional singing abilities which made her enter the Top 6. She’s expected to play the role of 2NE1′s Park Bom as the lead vocalist because of their unique singing skills.

Kim Eunbi who first appeared on Superstar K2 showed eccentric and honest charm, which made her be loved my male fans. Park Bom also showed her 4D charm on their reality program on MNET “2NE1TV” which made her be known as “Ms. Corn”. In addition to this, the two of them are armed with powerful vocals.

Meanwhile, Yuna Kim who was first seen on “Superstar K3″ was being related to 2NE1′s CL because of her colorful history. As you can see on the video that was released before, she has an incomparable skills when it comes to rapping in English. She has also experience living in the US and she’s fluent in various foreign languages that’s why she’s being linked to CL who’s also known to be fluent in foreign languages.

In addition, the second mystery girl who was revealed in the past four days showed outstanding beauty and innocent atmosphere which attracted the attention of people. There was no information stated about this girl shrouded with mystery and she’s known as the most mysterious among all of them, yet her great beauty made her connected to the girl in-charge of beauty in 2NE1, Sandara Park.

Following to this, YG unveiled the 3rd mystery girl today, and just like the previous mystery girls, she’s also cloaked with mystery, but she’s found to have powerful dancing skills and she’s gifted with sense of rhythm. On the video that has been released, she was dancing  with fast music, and her body is flexible. This girl has been identified to be born in the year 1997  and the “youngest” member of the girlgroup, same as 2NE1′s Gong Minzy, who’s also the youngest in 2NE1 and the one in-charge of dancing.

Thus, YG’s upcoming girlgroup will be made up of girls between 16-20 years old.Also, the exact number of the members has not been finalized yet.

2NE1 also gave off pretty image yet flipped the concept to hip-hop, and they’re sweeping all charts simultaneously since debut like queens. The attention of the public has been concentrated on the idea if YG will also follow 2NE1′s trend for this upcoming girlgroup.

Source:  Nate News

Translated by: ilove2NE1girls@2NE1GLOBAL/WWB

Comments on: "News: Members of YG’s “Mysterious Girl Group” Represent Each of the 2NE1 Members?" (34)

  1. I wish them well and I hope they surprise and impress me to make me cheer for them. I already like what I saw with the latest girl, i think she might be the lead dancer.

    I dont feel threatened at all for 2NE1. YG himself knows no one can replace and match 2NE1, that’s why he created another group of different concept. 2NE1 has CL. The girl Interscope wanted. Even though she’s not my bias, it’s not difficult to see that she’s got the IT, the x-factor on why 2NE1 will do well in the US once they start their campaign there. Then there’s Bom with the unique beautiful voice, Minzy, who, apart from her voice and dance ability, has this sexy vibe that draws you in when she performs, and then there;s our lovely Dara, who lends the beautiful sweet and fresh voice that mixes perfectly to others’ power vocals. And also they all have the beauty that is not typical Korean (Dara is, but her beauty is one that can cross over globally) so, to me, 2NE1 is unbeatable and global stars in the making, so these new girls are no threats at all.

  2. sivviee said:

    The girl compared to Dara looks 2PM’s wooyoung 🙂

  3. hmmm.. 2ne1 will always be no.1 in my heart.. I know this is normal that they are going to compare this new girl group in 2ne1 bcoz they are in the same company, but im still hoping that some fans out there will not be childish to make a fight bcoz of this.. let just support them..

  4. mmm …
    i’ll always be a loyal BJ .. but i’ll support the new gb …

    my first love is 2ne1 and it won’t change until whenever 🙂

  5. I will always be a 2ne1 fan but I will still support this new girl group. YG is a family remember? so let’s support each other 🙂

  6. egliukas said:

    I won’t judge new group until i hear them…..
    2ne1 will always be my number 1 >,<

  7. I’ll be forever loyal to 2Ne1 and BigBang, But as a YG fan, I will welcome the new girls and boys group as a sign of my love and support to YG Family.. It’s like.. they are the new born babies!!! welcome to the outside world- the competitive world! Rock oN! FIGHTING! 🙂

  8. stan1234 said:

    2ne1 is too unique… no one will ever replace them

    • Yup!!Remember, 2ne1 are the 1st unique Kpop girlgrup in the 21st century!!!They’re not the follower!!!
      2ne1 1st debut= only 4 members (2 older girls &2 younger girls) + they dance differently from each other +their voice sound really different from each other
      New girlgroup 1st debut= 9 members (all of them YOUNG) + maybe they dance in the same way (like snsd) + maybe they sing like the choir (like snsd)
      I think they are so channeling 2ne1&snsd…hmmm…i really hope 2ne1 will not dissapear too soon (like wonder girls)…T.T

      • ckjack_bla said:

        2NE1 introduced me to KPop. As of now, I can’t find any KPop group that hooked me like 2NE1. I’m kinda anxious that they will take spotlight away from 2NE1. I just hope their US debut will be successful because it is like “Make It or Break It”. I don’t want them to experience sudden drop of fame in their home country. However, I have a soft spot for YG Family so I welcome the new girl group.

        • yeah…they (YGEnt) are FAMILY!!!right?…So i hope YG will be a GOOD “father” and not forget his 1st “daughter”!!! 2ne1 hwaiting!!!YGFamily Family!!!

  9. i like the girl who represents dara. she really looks mysteroius but she looks more like LEE HYE WON of queen seondeok

  10. sivviee said:

    I wonder when will they debut? Now the image of YG being dominated by boys has now ended. It takes time to get use that 2NE1 will not be the only girls in the room anymore.haha. Good Luck to them! I wish them success!

  11. i dont know if im going to like these group…. i tried to like/find rookies now but i cant replaced or love other groups… still 2ne1 is the only one… lets see if these group debuted tho.. but im sure even i did not like them, im sure i dont bash them kkkk

  12. i am not anti to this group but i dont like them……

  13. im loyal daras fan thats why i like 2ne1,,,,so what to the next girl group

  14. why i’m so angry this group will comeing out be in yg family i dont feel right (only 2ne1i love) i wont not be those new girl group fan i feel like 2ne1 will be gone i feel like i will hate those girl so munch (when i star listen to k-pop songs the girls group i listen to it only 2ne1 but not other k-pop girls group i dont even listen not even once of the groups only 2ne1 i listen) let me be the hater of this new girl group i hope u all wont not be mad what i write 😦

    • sweepberry said:

      be it or b not, as long that hate isn’t harmful… its ok. we cant deny what we feel but at least we meant for the good sake of others. 😉

    • cheneechee said:

      You’re probably new to KPOP world、I felt that too during Se7en era、I was like “no Bigbang please” then “no 2ne1 please” but now I’m so hardcore about YG Family
      Make good Music Not War
      I do Love 2NE1 so much and 2NE1 is my favorite~

      • can’t call yourself a YG Family lover or even a fan, if you can’t accept the new group or every group that will debut through YG.

        I’am a bias 2ne1 fan, but also YG fan.

  15. cheneechee said:

    you can’t compare Dara ahehe
    2NE1 is so different in the first place

  16. sivviee said:

    I don’t think I can see someone in KPOP world more beautiful/comparable as Dara in the beauty department 🙂 Dara is just simply…such. Yeah, I have mad respect and pride for her beauty (in and out)

    But is it only me or I really think that 2NE1 has not gone enough? I always feel they are still rookies (bad ass rookies) who just debuted Maybe because I seldom see them in broadcasting shows every time they promote new songs. Till now, I still think 2NE1 is still growing because if I think of it now they only have Fire, IDC promotions, Can’t Nobody, IATB promotions days (so few) and those doesn’t even lasts two months (barely see them in TV shows or none at all)! if not for 2NE1TV I would not know 2NE1 deeply. I just hope they can have individuals projects someday.

    As for the new YG Girl Group… i think instead of being compare to 2NE1, they are more compared to SNSD. They’re the YG version after all. But I really don’t like the sound of it, hope they can establish their own name after like when 2NE1 was compared to BB. Well, I will just wait for the group officially debuting 🙂

  17. sweepberry said:

    well IDC what ill they say, 2NE1 still the B.E.S.T. and ever will be. It’s just the new GG are like successors of what 2NE1 make, and they should be happy with it. Let’s not spread disappointing message and feeling about against any YG groups, since were all FAMILY. I will support them as like I support BB, PSY,Tablo, Se7en, Gummy and other YG staffs. But still 2NE1 is my bias and will be my you know what I am saying, so that’s it!
    Papa YG never meant to make us all fans feel bad but he want us to welcome them as a new YG family as what BB welcomes 2NE1, so lets us fans too, right? ^^

  18. its sad that some people are already saying they are better than 2ne1. I still support and love 2ne1.

    • for me i’m just gana say what i think i wont not sport the new girl group i will only sport 2ne1/dara cuz my heart will never change cuz in my life k-pop girl group i only like 2ne1 so i will not sport the new girl group what i’m saying is only for my self if u guys agree or not i dont care

  19. in the vid shared by YG i think the group is about 8 members… and their moves are slick…surely 2NE1 will be supportive sunbaes… YG Family Love…

  20. cyndikrystelle said:

    I support everyone in YG but 2NE1 is the closest to my heart especially Dara~ *heart*
    But I’m also excited for this new girl group, if it’s YG then they’re gonna be awesome for sure!~ 🙂

  21. i hope this news won’t be the start of something unpleasant like fan war… news like this may start comparing the two groups.. i may have a bad interpretation of the article but it seems to me though it says “represent” since it’s NEW girl group.. you can say new Park Bom, new CL, new Dara, new Minzy .. but anyhow i just hope BJ won’t feel like the other VIP felt when 2ne1 debut…

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