Thank you Nikon for saving me from my 2NE1-deprived state! The girls are so adorable! They were just having fun in the shoot, enjoying each other’s company! The shoot’s atmosphere is very light and fun! So happy to see the girls having fun again!

And the last few seconds for Dara’s solo shoot. Wow, stunning! To see her making those expressions.. I think I’d have melted if I was the cameraman! ^^

[Nikon] 2NE1 산다라박의 s ahot a day! 인물 사진편 Making


Comments on: "Video: 2NE1 Sandara Park’s A Shot A Day CF Making!" (9)

  1. (^o❤‿❤) I LOVE YOU DARA


  2. love this commercial!!! i never get tired watching this again and again and again!!! Dara why Ur so beautiful? and also Bommie why ur so sexy? and CL why Ur so wonderful? and Minzy why Ur so amazing? u all guys are hilarious!! keep it up! 2ne1 4ever<3!!!! 🙂

  3. cheneechee said:

    I want a #DARAma
    YG should let her act too
    Yoo In Na and her = double combo

  4. tamtamie123 said:

    I would never ever ever getting tired of u dara…u always make life happy with ur little smile:-)gosh im fangirling over dara….ur soooo pretty dara unnie and im sure any guy that end up will be the most luckiest guy on earth!!

  5. glad they all enjoyed the CF shoot! btw admins, i’m just curious if these nikon CFs appear on TV in Korea? since they have 3 versions in diff. lengths…or these are just YT promotions? ^_^

  6. Sooooo gorgeous! She’s really gotten so good at modelling. I love her makeup here, will definitely try to copy it some time. 😀 And LOL at Bommie attempting the blow-dry selca in the background. So cute!

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