Kyaaa! Goddess Dara looking so fresh and gorgeous!!! <333

Oh and at the end of the video, we could see Dara rolled down the window and handed Sandar her letter for Oh My Goddess. Sweet sweet Dara! ❤

Credits OH, MY GODDESS! + @ohmygoddessDARA + @OMG_SANDAR

Comments on: "OMG Fancam: 120424 Gorgeous Dara at Gimpo International Airport Arriving from Japan" (10)

  1. cheneechee said:

    Nah I have 3 clothes with the same style
    she can her those if she want
    she’s comfortable with it then let it be
    That’s dara、she’s wearing clothes for herself
    and not to show off her so called “airport fashion”

  2. awkward610 said:

    I don’t like what @izumi said. But could it be true? If not 3 days maybe 2 days. Because picture from 23rd and 24th is the same cloth only different hairstyle. However i really cannot see the pants on 24th. Is it a big deal or i’m just over reacting! I want to defend her but i guess i suck at it because i’m also clueless.

  3. cydellianne said:

    God!! those shy yet sweet smiles…I was having goosebumps watching her…such a Goddess!!!!

  4. Dara is pretty as always. But she need to be more conscious
    about the clothes she wear, she’s been wearing that top for
    3 days. People might think that she doesn’t have very good
    personal hygiene, like she don’t shower daily or brush her
    teeth properly after each meal or something.
    Not bashing her, just constructive criticism.

  5. Omg!! Lucky

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