OMG!!! This was a surprise! I feel so happy seeing the girls on Korean national TV once again!!  ^___^

Oh how I miss the girls so much! T___T

Here’s the full video with GD&TOP’s collaboration with Park Ji Min for “Oh Yeah”!

Q: Among the top 3, who do you want to be a part of YG? 

Dara: The three of them seems to be very skillful and cool, so.. I will welcome them all.

The girls went to support Yang Hyun Suk sajangnim! ^^ They were holding cute placards saying “I love Yang Hyun Suk!” (Dara),  “Milky Yang Hyun Suk” (Bom), and “I’m with Yang Hyun Suk” (Minzy).

More screen caps after the cut. ^_^

Fresh-faced Dara!!! 

 Credits:  @21pinkMIC + @DC2NE1 + jinhichole dale@YouTube

Translated by: @ilove2NE1girls

Comments on: "Video/Photos: 2NE1 and Gummy on SBS Kpop Star" (12)

  1. is there any source??….i want to watch the vid….plz plz

  2. Dara’s skin just naturally shines wherever she goes!~
    Awww…YG papa’s reaction is so cute! ❤

  3. Dara’s fangirl button is switched on!^^
    It was cute how she looked so happy being flashed
    on screen during Jimin/GTOP performance.

  4. I love Papa YG’s reaction.

  5. Korean version of American idol?…lol

  6. petitedara said:

    The girls looked like children supporting their father. how sweet and heartwarming it was :)) Yg family is the best indeed!

  7. 2NE1lover said:

    i miss the girls so much.. her voice is so great but there is nothing like park Bom’s Oh Yeah!!XD i think GD did the 2ne1 sign @ 0:18 😀

  8. cydellianne said:

    so beautiful///<3

  9. Hyuwhieyl said:

    Dara looks so fresh and healthy!

  10. egliukas said:

    I miss 2ne1 so much T_T

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