Yay, is this a travel Photobook?? Wahh, whatever it is, I know each of us would want to have a copy of it.. Yahh Dara, please stop teasing us. 🙂 Reveal it now ❤


투애니원을 좋아하시는 분들 ~ 사랑하는 울 랙잭이들! 그리구 여행가고싶으신분들 ~ 위해!!! 이거 보이세용?!? 으히히히…. 뭔가 두껍죠?!? 빵빵하지않습니까~ 캬~!!! 쉿~!!! 커밍쑤운~!!! ^_^ 휘리릭~!!!

[TRANS] For people who like 2NE1~ Our lovely Blackjacks! And people who want to travel~!!! Do you see this?!? Hehehe….It’s thick right?!? It’s full~ Kya~!!! Shhh~!!! Coming soon~!!! ^_^ Poof~!!!

source: Dara Me2day

Translated by @kristinekwak via twitter

Comments on: "Me2day: Dara updated a teaser photo of 2ne1’s Photobook?" (2)

  1. Can’t wait<3333

  2. kissyvee said:

    Dara Baby!! reveal it now!! 😛
    Photobook perhaps!!? I’ve been waiting for one!! ^^

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