Ahhh Fire! IIt sounds so different, and yet the same! I love it! ^^ CL and Mingkki’s rap parts sound so cool, Bom’s refrain parts are so nice, and of course, Dara’s parts are just as memorable and cool! ^^ Fire is one of my fave 2NE1 songs, and I’m so glad this version sounded great! ❤

Fire – Japanese Version Recochoku Audio Fancam


Comments on: "Audio/Video: 2NE1’s Awesome Japanese Version Of Debut Hit, FIRE!" (1)

  1. wow… almost 3 years since their debut & in a different language…fire still rocks!! Other debut song when sang in a different language just sounds great cause fans feels nostalgic but not with this song..yeah I felt nostalgic yet there’s the undeniable fact it’s so good!! IMO they should have debuted in japan with this song!! yeah IATB is great but..i dunno this sounds way better & after all…THIS is the song that made them set standards for girl groups!! ^.^

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