EVERYBODY LET’S SCREAM! ^_^ Its been a while since the girls released a new song! We really really miss them! But our long wait is finally over… The full PV of 2NE1’s SCREAM was just released in Japan and wonderful Japanese Blackjack @spice_candy and @BJN_21 have been kind enough to share it with us! Here it is guys, SCREAM PV:

Credit: @spice_candy + blackhooliganvn@YouTube

Comments on: "Video: 2NE1’s SCREAM PV" (20)

  1. ckjack_bla said:

    Am I the only one who never grew tired of Dara’s out-of-this-world-style? hehe
    For me, her unconventional hair and clothes makes her stand-out coz Dara is not your “typical pretty girl”. Maybe I’m not a fan of girlish clothes but Dara’s hair or her clothes clearly shows us that whatever style of hair or clothes we wear, it depends on how we carry it. As long as you like it, wear it with confidence! Just like what others say, confidence will bring out your inner beauty! ;D

  2. I actually love Dara’s voice “bias” aside^^ & Minzy’s , so
    their parts are the ones that i enjoy listening to the most. What
    Dara needs to improve upon is her breathing technique, she needs to
    learn how to breath in through her nose and how to hold some air in
    her chest when vocalizing that way she won’t end up gasping
    for air after singing a couple of lines.

    About the hair do’s – I completely agree they need to go!
    she need to let her hair down! it’ll add some movement when she’s
    dancing and she wouldn’t be so preoccupied with trying “not to ruin
    the hair do” when performing.^^

  3. dara_woo said:

    i just hope dara could get a series deal this year to make-up for the lack of lines in their songs and exposure in their MVs….atleast if she’s doing a series we could see a lot of her

  4. hyuwhieyl said:

    Love her parts. 🙂

  5. i was fine already and accepted the fate of dara’s hair with this mv. but what irked me again is her shot on this mv? aside from that random walking at the back, wth was that ceiling-walk-thingy? lol! i can barely see her face. anyway, the song itself is a repeat. but not the mv. sorry.

  6. dara needs a new hairstyle 😦 cmon’ let her hair down!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. prettylittlebchi said:

    This video makes me wanna SCREAM at whoever is doing DARA’s hairstyle! the part wherein they are all wearing white, Minzy, CL and Bom can let their hair down except for DARA? seriously! —- i know she can work any look but that BUN is sooo 2011 and its boring and repetitive already. How many times does she have to wear her hair UP!

    • me too,i fell bad, fell sorry for dara,shes lucky she a real beauty,aside from that they give her small part not so good not just enough…i mean let her shine…even in the mv they rarely focus her, im sorry i dont get it….love 2ne1 but now its always cl, mnzy and bom…. and im sick and im not in to the voice of the leader and they always give her the most cool outfit..lovely hair style but still…im sorry,,,i love dara she deserve more….

      • I think other member are given more parts since they allow Dara to have more CFs and she’s receiving lots of love because of that. Perhaps, Papa YG thinks it’s time to give the other members some moments when it comes to MVs 🙂

        Anyway, her hairstyle is bad but she can pull all of those styles anyway. Plus, she looks gorgeous with full bangs and that alone caught the attention of viewers ^___^

        • What?? GD and TOP have everything(cf/solo), i think bigbang more fair than them. Anyway good luck for 2ne1.

          • Well, all Bigbang members have their own solo albums already so it’s fair to all of them 🙂 Nevertheless, since 2ne1 started, Dara received more work than other girls.

            Anyway, we know that Dara will always be loved whether she’ll have small parts in MVs or bad hair/outfits. 🙂

            2ne1’s success would mean Dara’s success as well (even though she’s already considered successful in many aspects)

        • i’m happy that dara is receiving much loved with her solo CF/endorsement. the point of her being less exposed on mv is because she has few lines in the first place. so i’m more aggravated with the fact she sings less lines. i don’t want to talk about the hairstyle and clothing anymore. LOL!!

      • 100% agree!!!!sigh….let’s just see if they can successful in japan with this song or not…again…!! Do you think they can surpass kara?…btw japan love pretty girlgroup…2NE1 HWAITING!!!!

        • Yes, Japan love pretty girl groups. Perhaps, that’s also the reason why they allowed Bom and CL to appear too sexy and pretty in this video. They don’t want to ruin Dara’s sweet image 🙂 I don’t know if the reason is her contract with Etude or Papa YG’s very protective of her princess (the girl from Mars) hehe

          In addition, there are too many fanboys drooling all over the world to see Dara’s assets so it’s enough to allow CL and Bom pull those sexy outfits ^_^

  8. Unisoeul said:

    Love this!!! Miss them so much 🙂

  9. dara_woo said:

    but i’m happy that 2ne1 is back….looking forward to their activities this year

    • I’m sorry that we had to delete your comment. I hope you understand. Again, sorry! T_T

      • dara_woo said:

        oh did i broke the rules?….i’m sorry didn’t notice the negativity of the words that i’m saying…..it’s ok that u deleted it…anyway hope dara would have that bangs and cotinue to improve her voice…

  10. Omoooo! So excited! I really miss them!

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