YAY! Eng subs!! There’s not much convo here, but it’s still very very very cute! ^^

[ENG] Etude Kiss Note Ep4 Minho & Dara (MinDara) CF


Comments on: "Vid: Eng Sub For Dara and Minho Kiss Note Episode 4" (7)

  1. dara_woo said:

    rom-com for dara please……..

  2. ilovedara said:

    I really really like it I want more etude ^^ mindara so cute I want drama for them keke :))

  3. huge_dara_fan said:

    kyaahhh!!! breathless after the first kiss! But so sweet with the next. Cuteness overload!

  4. i can’t see the sub.. sorry :((

  5. does anyone know the song?

    • huge_dara_fan said:

      It’s 라즈베리필드(Raspberry Field) 본 적 있나요…(Have You Seen)

  6. I get so giddy when I see them kiss, especially the second time. Ahhhh….hehehe. 🙂

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