This.. Uhm well the song is catchy. Keke! That much I can say. ^^ And wow, Dara did awesome in her part! Her Japanese is clear and cute! ^^

But I’d be lying if I say that I am 100% happy with Dara’s look in this PV though. T_T Oh well, she’s the only one among the 4 of them who can have this kind of style and pull it off. ^^ I’ll just wait for the full MV then and hope for the best! Haha! ^^

But the beat is catchy and I’m loving the song already! Minzy’s rap in the first part is love, love, love! ^^

2NE1 / SCREAM (Short Ver.)


Comments on: "[Official] Vid: 2NE1’s Original Song “SCREAM” MV Short Version" (20)

  1. the song is indeed catchy…love Dara’s part… hope to see the full MV…^_^

  2. Goddess Vampire Dee looks so freakin’ adorable <33and She always sound SO GOOD in Japanese<3333 She looks so PRETTY with bangs<3333 BUT I MISS HER GIRLY AND SEXY STYLE (i don't care MV and Fire MV)!!!!!!! T.T
    Note: Japanese Blackjack, Please support them even harder!!!!2NE1 HWAITING!!!!!!!

  3. how can she be so sweet in Etude but looking the fiercest in 2ne1. XD 2NE1 his song is daebak!! OMEDETOU~!

  4. hyuwhieyl said:

    I so love this song and dara’s part was perfect for her! Hope she gets to sing more in this song!

  5. i love the beat….
    i love dara’s hair….
    i want the full mv….
    i want to SCREAMMMMMMM!

  6. daisang25 said:

    As always, love Dara’s sweet voice…. and so cute! He hairstyle so unique. Waiting for the full MV.. ^_^ I want to SCREAM! An awesome song….!!!! thanks for sharing. Go 2ne1! Hoping for great success!

  7. Omg! Did those girls think Minzy was a dude?!

  8. 2ne1doll said:

    She was soooo soooo pretty @1:23!!! TwT

  9. My Beautiful tokki!
    Always have something fresh and new to offer to us..
    I am liking her part so far, hope we can more from her on this track,
    yes! gotta agree on her voice always giving off that cool, relaxing vibe to it.
    Good luck girls!
    Dara baby You are Uber Awesome!
    2NE1 Fighting!

  10. dara_woo said:

    i also LOVE dara’s VOICE in this song….hope she has more lines…..looking forward to the whole PV……i actually like the spiky hair of dara…but not a fan of her clothes…LOL…but the scene where she has her bangs… everything about her in that scene…she looks like a doll….hope she continue with that style…..well CL is CL…she’s not afraid to be like an american artist…..i like thse scene in the table….she’s really confident with herself..

    • CL’s table scene looks like Jessie J ( Nobody’s perfect MV) and Her curly hairstyle copying Rihanna’s new hairstyle. I miss their original style…. T.T

  11. GANGSTER!!! Dara..hehe.. yet i find it cute and funny especially when she sways the ball like that..oh the voice!!! her part in this suits her…

  12. waaaaaaaaahhh….why does dara sound so good in japanese???!!! i first noticed in jap version of lonely…and now here…seriously..she sounds really really good here…here voice is very seungri’s in bigbang…ke ke…
    and the wild hair…i like it…she’s so quirky yet cool like gd..
    and then…when she had the full bangs…soooooooooo beautiful….yes!!! i’m so excited!!!

  13. Dara-unnie’s hair looks crazy…

    But just like what Thunder said, only his sister can wear those and still look freaking beautiful…:3

  14. I want to add that they really look like mannequins when they were just standing still.
    Dara looks good with that kind of bangs.

  15. I cannot wait for the full mv! Scream scream scream…

  16. daragonlove said:

    love the shoes…LOL at dara’s hair, it’s ok if she has the weirdest hair ever, CL so sexy here…love their style here (as always)…love everything about the girls..congratulations!…i can see the success…

  17. I love Dara’s third hairstyle where they act like mannequins ^_^ So kawaiiiiiiii!

  18. Though it is preferable to have Dara in a more natural look T_T, I also liked the beat of the song:) its very catchy, and enjoyable!:D I smiled when I heard Dara’s voice here hehehe she really has good pronounciation of english words and her voice is always endearing:) am I too biased??? oh well! 😛

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