WHAT IS AIR. T_T The girls look amazing and awesome and soooo elegant for this cover! Can I marry this concept of theirs?! T_T It totally reminds me of their WWD Japan look with Balmain! I think they’re wearing some of the pieces from that shoot! ^^ And can I just say that Dara looks extra gorgeous with her full bangs?! OMG I cannot wait for HD pics of this! ❤


Source: Mu-Mo Shop

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: Gorgeous, Elegant 2NE1 For COLLECTION Album Covers!" (6)

  1. OMG!!
    Daraya!! T-T
    I love the variety of poses she did, she really knows how to project well
    and the hair!!!
    the girls look good!
    I want an HD version of all the photos!! 😀

  2. Goddess Dee<33 She looks freakin' gorgeous<3333 Love the cover album!!!They looks amazing!!!

  3. erinus27 said:

    Wooooowww!!!! They look absolutely gorgeous!!!^O^
    sob* sob* Our dear Mingkki has grown up to be such a beautiful lady..^^
    Excited to see the HD versions of the new pictures..would then save them immediately in my computer kekeke..

  4. they all look extra hot and gorgeous with this concept!! L-O-V-E it!

  5. oohh…so the bangs on her me2post is from here? wow!! judging from their scream concept & this… I think they’re going for that mature, subtle sexy yet still fierce concept? they really hasn’t gone for that sexy concept except for Bom so this is really new & fresh!! Goddess Dee is gorgeous, Bom is sexy as always, Cl is still fierce & oh wow!! Mingkki is soo grown up!! ^.^

  6. rainie_lily said:

    OMG !!! Gorgeous 2NE1 !!!
    especially Goddess D !!!
    i love her more with the bangs !!!

    thanks !!!
    i also love the new layout 😉

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