A new song from 2NE1! REJOICE!!! I missed the girls so much and its some consolation to my fangirl heart that they did a featuring for M-flo! The song is so addictive! I love it! How about you guys?

Credit: Tokyo_Feeling@Dailymotion; IAmRealBlackjack2@YouTube

Comments on: "Audio: M-flo feat. 2NE1 – “She’s So (Outta Control)” on Tokyo FM 80.Love" (24)

  1. in any producer kush is the ONLY ONE giving dara longer lines i cant still get it why she always have the SHORTEST.

    • yeah…sigh….that’s really so UNFAIR to her!!!
      i think the other kpop girl group more fair than 2ne1!!

      • It’s because she can’t sing(she needs HEAVY levels of electronic support to even begin to catch up to the other girls) very well. 2NE1 is *highly* unfair with line divisions nowadays – CL gets almost the entire song, which sucks.

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  3. nice song, but i don’t like Dara having super short lines.. Her part though is so addicting.. Longer lines for our Goddess Dee please!

  4. wow,,this song’s epic!!!..i totally love it!!1..i kept replaying the song ,, and im still enjoying it!!…i wished that there was a longer part for dara,,although her part there was perfect for her voice!!!simply sweet and enchanting…whew…dara you are doing great!!keep it up!!!

  5. So in love with this song ❤

  6. Why is Dara’s part always so short? That really irks me. Dara has a beautiful voice and deserves more line.

    • same sentiment here…. that’s actually why i didn’t buy their
      last album and their concert DVD – too little Dara… >/<

  7. i’m missing 2ne1 right now…when will they release another album? i really miss them…i miss them going on music program…hay…i especially miss dara…

  8. wow I wanna dance like this kekeke its a catchy line all their voices suites will..I love how soft and gentles Dara’s delivery of the song

  9. oohh… great song!! even with all the autontune I can still distinguish them… Bom & CL were the ones singing on the first part then Minzy & Dara on the last right? Dara’s part is sooo…fresh & sweet!! the sick sweet type!! and it’s not because I’m Dara Bias cause in terms of LSS….Bom’s part stuck most in my head ^.^

  10. OMG! dara unnies part was soooo LOVELY!!<3 ❤ even though its just for a short while..
    CUTE SONG btw! ❤ ❤ ❤ it really is addicting! XD

  11. Dara’s part..Fly or Dive?keke

  12. Sandarasaranghae said:

    So so gooood! this is making me miss 2ne1 even mooooreeeee! Can march come already!

  13. she’s so out of control.. pwalala.. The song is great that i find myself banging my head while listening to this.. it was a hit for me :))

  14. I love it too! ❤ I miss the girls as well..ugh! I'm so 2ne1 deprived right now..T-T

  15. which part is Dara???

    • around 3:20, after minzy’s part…

      • dara: “flyyy me to the niiiiigggghhht… feel the electricity… flyyy me to the niiiiiiigggghhht… (it’s over now <— not sure about this part)


        • hearing the audio, i am kinda sure that it is Dara coz she has a distinct voice among them that is why it is easy to know that it is her.

          • yup, it’s really her =)

            about the “it’s over now” part, which i wasn’t sure of awhile ago, i misheard it… i read tweets and comments and “into the night” is the last line.

        • i think it still dara’s voice, the “it’s over now ” and i love her part of this song
          even if it’s just short!

      • thank you… she sounded soo good and loud that i didn’t recognize it right away.. i still had my sister listen to it as well.. 😉

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