We all know that AZIATIX’s Flowsik is a Dara fanboy right? This video is just so cute! When asked if he had any favorite artists, he said that he didn’t exactly have a favorite because he likes them all BUT he likes SANDARA. He was then asked if he already met her. He said that after MAMA at the airport, 2NE1 and AZIATIX were right beside each other but… “He choked!” 

Check the video out! Its really cute! ^^

Don’t worry Flowsik! I’m sure you aren’t the only one who got dumbfounded when you saw her up close! Like you said, your time will come! ^^

Credit: hotpinkmallows@YouTube

Comments on: "Video: 120224 AZIATIX’s Flowsik Mentions Dara on ECHOforward Ustream" (31)

  1. OMIGOSH! I couldn’t stop giggling and whooping when he started fanboying over Dara-unnie! He’s so cuuuuute! Seriously, what Eddie said about him is true. He’s all SWAG and in-your-face in MVs & songs but he has such a cute fanboy side. You can really tell he admires our Dara (well, he already professed it in four different interviews…kkkk~). I hope he can get to meet her and talk to her in the future. I’m still hoping for an Aziatix MV with Dara-unnie in it! Kkkkk~ ^______^

  2. evn though i am happy knowing he is a fanboy but i lyk the guy in the middle for dara bcoz he’s good-looking and really suits dara’s gorgeousness.. u agree with me???.. kekek

  3. mybabysav47 said:

    have you guys notice that most of dara fanboys..are friends of kim jaejong?im not a jaedy shipper.i only notice that..:))

    • CuteCandy16674 said:

      Yes, I also notice that!from Flowsik, Im Ju Hwan,Song Joong Ki,Park Tae hwan ,Top and Gd ..Are they the friends of Jaejoong that you been telling about?… Just Asking! 🙂

      • mybabysav47 said:

        yeah!i dont know…coinsidence??maybe…just notice it..hehehe.anyway.. i like your videos about dara, i always watch them….do the part 9 plss…can you make the video of dara with her brother plsss??…:)))

        • mybabysav47 said:

          OMG!so sorry what happen to me..its you sooo sory!hehehe!but you are the one who do the dara ilove right??so embarassing…:((

    • HAHA..!!! YEAH!!! I TOTALLY NOTICED THAT…that’s why there’s something fishy on how they always luagh and giggle everytime flow mentioned dara..haha…

  4. Sandarasaranghae said:

    CUTEST THING EVER!! And just when I thought he got over Dara already but then he has proven me wrong. asdfghjkl

  5. ilovessantokki said:

    Somebody needs to do a compilation of all Dara’s fanboy rappers. Cause she has a lot! She’s always being mentioned by them. Must be something special about her. ^-^

  6. so cute of flowsik, he obviously likes dara so much

  7. WAHAHAHA!!! I DONT KNOW WHY…IM LAUGHING LIKE CRAZY…wonder what’s their private joke..the other members laugh when one of them says that they like dara…but this is just so cute…hahaha..he choked!!!and he’s stuttering!!! hahaha…

    • these guys know something…hahaha…that’s my guess…imgetting delusional again….hahahaha..you should look at their expressions and reactions…^____^ they know something!!!

  8. Hahaha!! That’s cute. But I bet it’s hard for any man to really approach Dara. She is just to pretty. Hehe. 🙂

  9. Aaww so cute! But I see him more as an ahjusshi than an oppa :)))))

  10. :he cant even make a move….
    “FLOWSIK said: Its ok…My time will come!”
    LOL! If You can beat Dara’s thousands fanboys! gosh! hope someone asked him if he saw the lates vids of Etude CF with Shinee…….He might faint! hahahaha!so cut

  11. he like dara so much….i hope dara see this video..

  12. mannn, u really should have approached her when u had the chance. looking at u and how u carry yourself, i cant believe u cant gather enough courage to come up to a girl and at the very least introduced urself ^^ hehe, i guess that’s what happens when u really really like someone, u get all tongue-tied and fidgety and shy ^^ actually, if he did approach her, i have a feeling it will be our girl who will be all-shy and nervous…ahhh, what i would give to see that scene ^^

  13. does he know that dara was one of the 1st few to stand up when aziatix was announced as a winner in mama?
    so he’s really “fallen” for her…? thought there was some private joke going on especially when eddie couldn’t stop giggling/laughing in his previous admissions…yeah, eddie’s right, flowsik seems like one tough guy but he “choked”! lol

  14. He is such a sweetheart!!

  15. awww…. kilig! with his age he cant make the move to introduce his self to dara. awww… it is like a teenage crush.keke

  16. cydellianne said:

    i was smiling the whole time i was watching this video…oh my God!!!…he’s stuttering???…lol…his fellow members knew him well and they, too, were laughing at him…such a fanboy…loving him already..^^

  17. akikisetsu said:

    He doesn’t seem to be the guy who would freeze infront of the girl they like. Goddess Dara! ^^

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