2NE1 will be arriving on February 1, 2012 (Wednesday) at 10:55AM at NAIA Terminal 1 via Korean Air.

We at OhDara and WeLoveDara will be at NAIA Terminal 1 on Wednesday with a few banners and tarpaulins to welcome 2NE1 back to the Philippines. We hope you could join us. HOWEVER, there really is no guarantee that we will see the girls. We don’t know if they will be using the VIP exit or not. We don’t know if they will take a connecting flight to some other destination. To go there will be a risk for all of us but it is a risk that your admins and staff are willing to take. If they can’t see us or we can’t see them, at least they will know that they were welcomed nonetheless. ^_^

Furthemore, as far as we know, 2NE1 is here for a vacation. We don’t know if they have a surprise for all of us but all we know is that they will be here for a vacation. In line with this, we are hoping that we all can respect their privacy so that all the girls can have a great time here and come back again.

We hope to see you guys at the airport! Let’s just wait for them patiently and peacefully!Β 

Let’s welcome 2NE1 back to the Philippines!

Comments on: "Info: 2NE1 is Going Back to the Philippines!" (72)

  1. its nice to see them back again for something…hope they enjoy their stay…
    we love dara and oh dara tandem are the best…what an effort! so hardworking!kudos!!

  2. were there cameramen with them? like mnet’s 2ne1tv staff?

  3. DGH member shared a link to me of 2ne1 pic: http://lockerz.com/s/179606967

  4. 2NE1 already arrived in the philippines! yahoo… minzy is wearing a sampaguita necklace… check out the link: http://clbaddestfemale.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/photo-2ne1-arrived-at-naia-airport-february-1-2012/

  5. while waiting for any update on 2NE1.. i’ve been watching their MV in youtube.. and i notice that under their official homepage, all their MV were updated to HD in 2010 and that’s the reason why their view count is low…. there’s a big difference in view count on their MV under YG entertainment homepage….

    So i’m suggesting to all blackjacks to continue viewing their MV under the 2NE1 homepage in youtube…. keep supporting….. 2NE1 fighting!

  6. im so anxious… is there any update? any info?

  7. do they depart already?/

  8. wow there coming here… i wish i could go but i have worked. maybe they would go to palawan. their is a exclusive resort there that they can relax and enjoy the scenery, i think madonna vist there once, 500k a night i think.

  9. I really want to join you guys but can’t leave my work right now πŸ™‚ will just wait for your updates in twitter. Enjoy and be safe to all pinoy blackjacks who will welcome the 2ne1 ladies πŸ™‚

  10. nakaka-inggit naman kayo…sana nandiyan din ako…salubungin niyo sila ng bongang-bonga ha…hehehe…fighting!

  11. I have a job interview today but I wanna go huhu

  12. I wish I were you guys.. ;c but I live far away from Philippines… can you say ‘Poland loves you Dara’ from me? πŸ™‚ or write it? it would be great because I can’t do it by myself.. ;<

  13. \(^β–½^)/

  14. hahahahhaah gusto q dn po sumalubong pano po ba magpunta sa naia from valenzuela lol… penge po ako banner aa…ty

  15. How I wish I can go tomorrow to welcome the girls but too bad I have work tomorrow! 😦 Say Hi for me guys? Thank you!^^ Hopefully 2NE1 will have surprises for us!

  16. i want dara to enjoy her vacation in the philippines only with
    2ne1 members and their staffs!! no others!!
    just me….

  17. wanna be a certified blackjack! omg! hopefully tomorrow morning! welcome back to four ladies.. enjoy your vacation here in Philippines….

  18. omg, i hope their vacation with an album launching, really want the nolza concert album!

  19. OMG!!!!!!!!!…

    i wanna come too..

    …but i hav a community service scheduled tomorrow….


    ….please dont forget to send us updates…

  20. pupunta po ako!!!! pwede pong pange ng banner na itataas ???! kahit ano para F na F ko po .. ihihihih

  21. nisa salleh said:


  22. Pupunta po ako bukas!! penge po ako ng banner na itataas bukas aah… salamat po ^^

  23. Bouncing up and down!!!wohoo!!!2NE’s coming!!!
    though i won’t be able to go thereT_T
    ..Best of Luck to the admins and BJs, l’ll just hope and pray that you’ll see Goddess Dara, CL, Bom and Minzy!^^

  24. Pupunta ako bukas!!! bigyan nyo po ako ng isang itataas na banner aahh!!! :))) β™₯β™₯β™₯

  25. to admin,maybe i will go there since i live near NAIA..where will i see you there?

  26. bommie lover said:

    plz no classes tomorrow!! so that i can meet them!!!

  27. kathlyn dapon said:

    oh!! i wish i can meet them!!! :>

  28. My friend and I would go, but once we’re in NAIA, we won’t know where to go… T___T Help us? I don’t know my ways in NAIA… T_T

  29. daragonlove said:

    wow….i kept jumping and yelling in my room after reading this article..though i will not be able to see them because of work, but still i am so happy for Filipino BJs who will got the chance to see them…love the girls..enjoy and relax…dara really is a sweet angel, you can really see that Philippines and Filipinos are special to her..no offense meant to other international BJs….Just so proud that dara is very down to earth…

  30. Oh I wish I have no classes tomorrow and join too. But how anyway? I’m new to this site.
    anyways, they’ll probably either gonna be in BORACAY or in ILOCOS SUR or maybe even PALAWAN and BATANGAS. πŸ˜€

  31. Expect a lot 2ne1 fans snorkeling near the beach

  32. Welcome Back to the Philippines!.
    Love You Girls.

  33. lorenadenise said:

    i’m sorry guys.i can’t go with you to the airport because i’m planning to see them in boracay. hahahaha!!!!!

  34. OMG!! if theyll go to Boracay, ill def pack my bags and go there too! hahahaha. but if they would im sure theyll stay in an exclusive resorts. omo. Bora is too crowded for them. they might get mob:((

  35. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m sooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder what are they gonna do here in PHIL! OH MY GOOOOSSSH! spaazzz~ 2ne1!!!

  36. OMG!!!!LUCKY Philippines!!!!!!!!!!*sigh
    Philippines is Dara unnie second home, Home sweet home πŸ™‚
    Love Ssantoki’s smile<33

  37. Omg, ughh people living in the Philippines right now are Soo lucky, I hope they perform on ASAP too, so i can see them on TFC!! And I hope they also do interviews and go to the buzz cause my mom has the buzz recorded every Sunday, so I for sure won’t miss it πŸ™‚

  38. I will definitely be at the airport!!!! See you, Daralings!!! <333

  39. so lucky blackjacks in phillipines!!!sure dara is very happy!!

  40. i hope they go to ASAP to perform or to promote something..at least sa TV man lang makita ko sila..^^,

  41. maybe they will be the new tourism ambassador of the Philippines next to Eugene..hehehe..if that happens then it”s really more fun in the Philippines!!!..^^,

  42. if they’ll go in the philippines for vacation only definitely they will not announce it because i remember before, dara had her vacation here without us knowing. I think they are up into something. Maybe a release of their album because universal also tweet before the release of their album.

  43. Yey! So Mel (Ricks) was right after all. I remember someone asking her on Twitter abt Dara and she told the girl that Dara is coming back soon. =) So nice of them to come here in the Philippines for a vacation. Maybe they’ll be going to Bora because Dara is talking about wearing bathing suits all the time. Hahaha.

  44. yahoooo!!! dara is back here again for vacay and now she bring the girls with her!!! πŸ™‚ welcome 2ne1!!! ENJOY πŸ™‚

  45. ckjack_bla said:

    Banners and tarpaulins prepared even though it is short notice? OhDara & WeLoveDara jjang!
    Pinoy BJs! Let’s welcome 2NE1 at the airport! Agogogogo!!!

  46. VanessaB. said:

    Go guys ! Let them experience that It is more fun in the Philippines ! < but still knowing that they are here is really making my day ! blackjacks and 2ne1 all the way!

    Okay , make some good memories ! :))) specially of our Goddess Dee hehehe

  47. gusto kong sumama kaso may pasok and exam! WAAAAAAAAh!

  48. delusional :O

  49. I would defo join if I was in the Philippines right now!! uhg this is going to be the 3rd time missing it. but i’m still super excited for my fellow Blackjacks!

  50. whoo, they are coming back to the Philippines?! yey, I actually think they might have catch a big endorsement deal from the Philippines, I wonder what it is.

  51. I think they’ll go to boracay πŸ™‚

  52. i’ll be there..good thing i dont have class..haha…DAEBAK! i’ll take the risk..if i dont see them, i’ll just go to the mall XDD..or hang out with fellow blackjacks that i will deffo see there..im goin alone T.T..!

  53. I have a competition (just scrabble; but my 1st time to join!) on wednesday. But I want to see 2ne1 😦 What to do? Huhuhuhuh

  54. Yeaahh! sama po ako! ang kaso di ko alam papuntang NAIA! saan ba daan pag taga taguig! sa mga pupunta po pwde pm nyo ko :))

  55. I’m already planning to go at the airport, what transpo to use then I realized I have exam this week! Eff this life! I want to see them and stalk at the beach, then watch Dara in her swim suit playing with the girls, jet skiing and taking selca of her 11 abs for her me2 update. Ouch!

  56. If only I was there on vacation too, then I would sooo join you pinoy BJs!!! TT___TT
    Please take lots of pics of the girls! the beautiful Park sisters, maknae Minkki and the Bad ass leader CL!! πŸ˜€

  57. This is a risk worth taking! All for Dara! Fan girl luck to all of us! Woooohooo! ^_^

    The girls surely deserved this vacation. With all the activities they had the past year and the upcoming plans they have for this year, I hope they go all out and enjoy the beach to revitalize themselves ^^ Thank you for this great info admins!

  58. Sandara Fashion said:

    For those who can please join. I am sure this would mean A LOT to Dara. Daralings jjang!!!!

  59. AIISH! My parents will not allow me >.<

  60. Thank you for the info! ^-^ Have a feeling though it’s not purely for a vacation. Why else would they announce it to the public if they wanted some precious time off for themselves? =)

    • I think so too. I think they have something hidden in their sleeves. ^_^ We will all find out soon enough.

      • i read somewhere that one possibility is that the girls might be making appearances to album and nolza dvd launches here in the PH. if that is so then i will try my bestest to come wherever they will be. i wont be able to go to the airport but i wish all the blackjacks good luck! have fun guys!!!! make the girls feel totally welcome! dont tire them out haha jk jk.

        • but i actually dont know if this is really a possibility. i know that mca (or was it universal idk) are already informing fans that they will be releasing the albums but idk when.

  61. I hope!!!
    Dara is very happy!

  62. WE’LL BE THERE!!!

    nasan na ang mga bagets na pumunta the last airport salubong? tara ulit!!!

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