Oh my ghad… Dara!!! Her gorgeous smile, her perfect skin, her smexyyyy legs! OMG! /dies Let us bask in the gorgeousness of goddess Dara! Thank you so much ETUDE for this gift! *does skin malgem dance*


Source: Etude Korea Facebook
Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: More Dara, Dara, Bright Dara For Etude Skin Malgem!" (3)

  1. Dara Bright Dara FTW<333

  2. Sandara Fashion said:

    Dara-ya is this the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH? Hehehe

  3. perfect skin..i should try this product “skin malgem”,,.she have a nice smile..wanna be sweet play etude!!!hwaiting!!!

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