YAY! More BTS pics! And this time at the concert venue!

I love this picture, the lighting is just so so so gorgeous! And of course, Dara’s features are just so beautiful.. ❤

Pretty goddess Dara with her beautiful, beautiful smile! And LOL the “Uhm Jung Hwa” look with the sheep hairstyle-towel! XD

Beautiful smiling Dara with pretty Gummy unnie and smexy Sean oppa at the background! ^^

This photo is so cute! TY is looking so gleefully at Dara, and all their smiles are just so precious! In this pic, TY wants to be the 4th 2ne1 member ? Where’s our leadah, Tae? Kekeke! ^^


Source: Negimax Tumblr + JiNhicole18@Twitter
Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: More Dara In YG Family Concert BTS From YG Fam App" (1)

  1. Gaaaaaaaaahhh I love all these pictures<333 Dara Bright Dara<333

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