To those of you guys who don’t know who Simon and Martina are, they are very popular in the international KPOP scene for doing reviews about different KPOP songs. They are the brains behind EATYOURKIMCHI. You can check out their videos at 

In this video, they talk about who would make it big in Western countries in terms of KPOP. I love how they unequivocally said that oNLY 2NE1 and BigBang could make it in Western countries. Check out the video to see why they think that way:

Credit: crazyneeful@YouTube

Comments on: "Video: Simon and Martina Talk About 2NE1 and BigBang in Arirang’s Heart to Heart" (5)

  1. Couldn’t agree more with these two. And i’d say they have taste whom to choose! 2ne1, BB the best kpop artist!

  2. belle_2ne1 said:

    omo! i feel bad for both of them….for sure ….SNSD fans are cursing them right now…..LOL!
    but theyr just telling the truth…..ONLY YGE family Can Rock Da Music World !!


  4. cydellianne said:

    YG babies are really good!!!and they’re ALL coming BIG this year!!!! With BB’s comeback and 2ne1’s US debut….WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. totally agree about bb and 2ne1 to be the ONLY kpop artist who are up to the standards of western music scene FOR NOW. I like wonder girls but i always thought their US exposure was premature.

    what martina said about personality and character of an artist is right on.

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