Awww, Dara got so touched by all the Viet Blackjacks who went! I am sure that reading this, the Blackjacks who waited at the airport felt like the wait was worth it. ^_^

I love how humble and grounded Dara is. 2NE1 is already quite big, not only in Korea and Japan, but all over the world. But she was still surprised of the warm reception.. Like she never thought that this much people would be there to support them. ^_^

Wassup Vietnam~!!!!!!! ^0^ 베트남 도착!!! 우와…! 우리 베트남 처음오는데 어떨까 굉장히 궁금했는데! 우와.. 공항에 팬분들이 엄~청! 많이와서 환영해줬어요!+.+ 완젼! 깜놀! 완젼 감동! 캬~! 반가워요 베트남 랙잭이들~!^_^안뇽?!?

Tags: 베트남 랙잭 최고! 감동의 눈물 찔끔 ^.^

Wassup Vietnam~!!!!!!! ^0^ We’ve arrived in Vietnam!!! Wow…! We were wondering how we’d be welcome since this is the first time we’ve come to Vietnam! Wow.. A looo-ot of fans waited for us at the airport! A lot came to welcome us! +.+ Totally! Surprised! I am really impressed! Kya~! Nice to meet you, Vietnam Blackjacks~! ^_^ Hello?!?

Tags: Vietnam Blackjacks are the best! I am so touched, teary-eyed right now ^.^


Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Me2day: Dara Is Touched By The Viet Blackjacks" (2)

  1. lucky vietnamese blackjacks!2ne1 hwaiting!dara hwaiting!your really such a darling.God bless u all..belle thank u for translating this one.


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