Vietnamese blackjacks are jjang! The girls look so happy to be in Vietnam! ^_^

Bonus: YG Family Dancers and Managers

Credit: HHTmedia, Apples2sungie, WeLoveDara, quynhhoabang and HookieThePlatypus @ YouTube

Comments on: "Videos/Fancams: 2NE1 Arriving in Noi Bai Airport, Vietnam!" (5)

  1. they’re amazing! u can tell the girls were really pleasantly surprised.
    im always amazed by fans who dress up like their bias. i dont think i have the confidence to do that ^___^

  2. gooooosssssebumps!!!! i love the Vietnamese BJs!!! ❤

  3. Awesome<33 Thanks for fancams!!!

  4. 2ne1 really have many fans in vietnam esp dara!!!i almost crying when i see vietnam fan crying..vietnam blacksjacks fighting..u are really supporting fans..

  5. 2NE1SHABAM said:


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