There were a lot of news bits and articles posted in the internet and shown on local TV about Dara and 2NE1 in the Philippines these past few days. We were able to post some featured news about them a few days ago. But here’s more. Check ’em out 😀 

Click link: Sandara, 2NE1 wow Pinoy Fans


June 4, 2011


Check out more news after the cut.


June 5, 2011



June 6, 2011

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Comments on: "News/Videos: [060411-060611] Dara and 2NE1 in the Philippines" (5)

  1. pattylagrosa said:

    there was wrong with the name in the video with iya..

  2. buti naman ni coverage nang ABS c Dara inaantay ko ang pagcover nila saknya eh!! Go Go Go!!

  3. dara ra rah! said:

    thanks so much for compiling all the news and making it easier for us! Much love!

  4. baby_kimchan said:

    OMG!!!!! I’m in one of the videos wahahahaha……that was funny

  5. WAH thank you very much for this compilation….oh dara made it easier for me…
    thank you so much for the hardwork!!!!

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