More and more pics! Keke! Sorry for the blurry ones! Those were the times I was screaming my head off.

Comments on: "[PICS] More of Dara and 2NE1 HD goodies from THE PARTY" (5)

  1. thanks for all these HD goodies!
    and for keeping up with the very hyper Santokki on stage!

  2. the palm 3 was back :[

    dear dara & yg & stylists & makeup artists:

    please, if 2ne1 returns to the philippines / japan / thailand / usa / wherever to do a full concert, pls pls allow u dara to look gorgeous in some of the numbers, ok? you’ve done it in the stage perfs for it hurts and lonely before, so it’s ok to do the look again, right? yeah, dara’s supposed to be cute and dorky. but look at minzy, they’ve finally found the right hairstyle and makeup for her that we can really see her blooming onstage/screen. so please, take pity on dara’s fans (and fanboys lol 🙂

  3. thank you for the beautiful HD pics…..
    saving some of them now…kekeke

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