Comments on: "Me2day: Lonely, Lonely, Lonely…" (6)

  1. arsheen said:

    she is so lovely in this photo…

  2. I can’t wait till May 12th and watched the Lonely MV…hmm Teddy oppa seems to write sad songs nowadays I wonder if his heartbroken?!?

  3. i like dara’s vibe in the picture above…
    i cant wait for the music video…

  4. another TRANS of the 1st part:

    Blackjacks ~ I’m so LoVely LoVely LoVely LoVely LoVely! LoVely will be out this week (aloha on the 11th)! So Lovely Darong is concentrating on getting ready…

  5. oh my dara don’t be lonely lonely~~ looking forward to your new song!

  6. kukay06 said:

    “di ka mag iisa dara” we support u all the way!!! we supah excited for ur comeback!! lonely DAEBAK!!! figjting!!! dara fighting!! 2ne1 nolja!.;p

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