source: dara’s me2day

Translation: How are you everybody? This is Sandara! See you again in the Phils!!! Finally! Yehey! June 4! Let’s Go party!

Comments on: "Me2day: [Updated] See You At “The Party”" (17)

  1. arsheen said:

    this is what i am waiting for.. a confirmation from 2ne1.. gonna buy a ticket…

  2. It’s like the passing of the baton (corn) from Bom to 2ne1! Dara’s visual images are pretty clever!

  3. Wow! 2NE1 will be having a “party” in the Philippines too bad I can’t go since it’s too far. I’m sure the concert will be a huge success since they have a huge fan base there. 2NE1 fighting!!!!

  4. Marked the calendar. Gotta see them for real? with or without tickets….hope they go to mall tours or guest on shows. Arms wide open…welcome 2NE1 soon!

  5. ahcedara said:

    Green Plugged Seoul 2011 is the title of the show where juris will perform it will be on may 14. is sandara will be there too?

  6. ahcedara said:

    sandara is still the same. so thats the reasons fans of her in the philippines dont forget her. by the way juris will be in korea to perform in a gathering of artist from different countries. i hope sandara will be there too coz i know she love juris songs.

  7. HiToAllHere said:

    Yes Goddess D, see you at the Party, actually im going alone just to see u!!! wooot!!

  8. mnemoncz said:

    il be going there….il be getting 5000 ticket…hope 2 see u there guyz,,,in so excited…been waiting for this

  9. Excited for 2ne1’s concert. Who’s going? I need to finalize my flight to Manila tomorrow (I’m from Davao). Can’t wait to meet you all. =P

  10. We want to go…!

  11. sivvie said:

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TOO, DARA! TamTam and Gaho’s mother.lmao. but seriously, PARK-omma will be again be full today with the love of her children! ^^

  12. shella said:

    im soooooooooo excited to see 2ne1 especially dara.ill be patiently waiting for your comeback here in phils dara.fighting!

  13. ckjack_bla said:

    Got my ticket already. Finally! I’m going to see Sandy/Dara again.

  14. bleighton_chaera! said:

    Yey!i have my ticket already!let’s go party!

  15. yeah! finally! been waiting for their concert!!! see you on June 4!

  16. Dara4ever said:

    Wahh!finally unnie p0sted ab0ut the party but toö sad i cnt gö:-(

  17. kareumi said:

    woah . . .sayang tlga di ako mkakapunta. . .wah , .sayang ang chance na mkita ko mga idol ko . .

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