Translation: Wassup?!? What are my minchin (mitu friends) doing~? Come on, I’m urging you guys to try this ke! 2NE1 and Law and Order are leading the way to find out what people know about law and order and keepin them ke We’re going to do it too! I’m going to try…dug-dug..Quiz time! ^.^


Translation: Me, Sandara Park, go go ching! When you choose ke ke your answer Sandara Park turns up…hmmmm hmmmm ke ke ke


Translation: Kkya! +.+ Oh my gawd! Is that ke I got one hundred points ㅠ ㅠ 100 points! Huk huk…I didn’t get top marks when I was in school.. ㅠ Hull! ke Anyway! I feel really good!Kya~! The scores have been revealed! The picture shows two figures! ke Kya~! We should all completely follow and obey to keep law and order! he he he (__)


Credit: Dara’s Me2Day

Thanks to: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara / BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Comments on: "Me2Day: Dara’s Triple Updates about Law and Order" (5)

  1. ha ha…the game is cute…reminds me of those flash games…facebook..y8.com…anyone? he he…

  2. 2ne1 is the ambassador of the Law and Order in Korea, right? i saw that on the G20 Summit…

  3. this is for what??
    interesting law and orders stuff…lols

  4. She sounds like a kid rejoicing about her high score! Keke:P Really aDARAble:))

  5. LOL! I love how she’s promoting this LAW AND ORDER and she’s so adorable being happy that she got a high score! She’s really something, and she’s even encouraging us to follow and obey LAW AND ORDER! I super love her! 🙂

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