On March 25th, YG Entertainment announced that 2NE1 had signed a contract with sportswear brand “adidas Originals” for a new collaborative project.

Representatives revealed, “2NE1 will officially be holding the hands of ‘adidas Originals’, a brand that the youth all over the world raves over. The new collaborative project has been named ‘We Are Originals,’ and it will be released sometime in the first half of 2011.”

According to YG, the relationship between 2NE1 and “adidas Originals” dates back to the group’s debut. 2NE1 had often been seen in adidas attire on various broadcast programs, and the brand in turn  brought 2NE1 onto their photoshoots and media events.

YG explained, Jeremy Scott, a designer for adidas Originals’ collaboration line, ‘Originals by Original,’ has always publicly acknowledged and supported 2NE1.”

They continued, “Through this summer project, the two parties will stepping over the boundaries of ‘being fans’ to becoming official partners for a variety of online and offline events.  Fans can look forward to interactive films, art work, and new programs in the future.”

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver


Comments on: "News: 2NE1 to officially endorse “adidas Originals”" (19)

  1. wohooooo!:DD 2NE1 is really jjang!!:D
    so happy for them. they will surely rock Adidas’ clothes!:))

  2. that’s great addition to their endorsements…adidas and 2ne1!!!!
    we are originals!

  3. 2ne1 the Originals!…

  4. Well I think it’s about time! This is just like formalities in all coz for me they already are Big endorsers of Adidas and Jeremy Scott’s (clothing line), with him being their BFF’s and all! Congrats for making it official girls!
    And really like the tagline ” We are Originals”!

  5. It’s about time.. they haven’t been wearing FILA anywhere except for their CF anyways. Adidas is way cooler…

  6. Yesssss!!!! 2ne1 jjang!!!

  7. OT…i just want to ask how can we access our account in DGH?what to do…what to do…

  8. Yay!!! can’t wait for their official endorsement Photoshoot!
    Bout time the girls got this deal..they’ve been wearing Adidas since debut Days..and they sure love this brand..
    Goddess D be rocking those baggy, funky clothes.. 😛
    2NE1 Nolja!! 😀

  9. yes!!! finally!! ha! adidas and 2ne1 baby! yeahhh! daebak!

  10. Oh finally, it’s about time!
    2NE1 + Jeremy Scott + Adidas = DAE to the BAK! 🙂

  11. Mhainecarleigh said:

    WOW! Adidas… ^^

    waaaahhhh!!.. we cannot do anything now.. she’s way behind yoona…….. i’m sorry baby girl.. i know we did our best… 24/7 we are clicking… but yoona’s voters… pif! i dunno what to say … they are vampires!! arrrggghhh! the poll is due today… (sigh)…n_n even if we didn’t win the poll … our dara will always be no.1 for us… Good job PARKers and Blackjacks… we did our best….

  12. yay. congrats girls.. i am dreaming of a car cf for dara.. lol
    since she is a good driver.. 🙂

    • miss.ticism said:

      lol ikr! but I think they had a car endorsement already hmmm… I think that was just this month…

  13. zee unnie said:

    WoW! No wonder they aren’t endorsing Fila anymore…

    2NE1 – Adidas
    BB – Fila
    YG Family jjang!!!

    Can’t wait to see their collaborations here in my local Adidas Originals Store! ❤

    • i like adidas more than fila… lol
      but anyways, i’m so happy for the girls…
      and for adidas as well… hope they release it internationally..

  14. Will they be having their own line of Adidas Originals? If yes, I do hope it will be released worldwide so I can buy at my local Adidas store.

  15. WOW!! 2NE1 + ADDIDAS = JJANG!!!

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