Hello everyone!

WeLoveDara and OhDara came together to design exclusive “WE LOVE” 2NE1, Dara, Bom, CL and Minzy T-shirts in honor of 2NE1 holding a concert in the Philippines on May 15, 2011. ❤ These shirts are not for sale but will be freely given to lucky winners. This project was launched to WELCOME DARA, BOM, CL AND MINZY to the Philippines.

It has always been Dara’s dream to: (1) Hold a concert in Araneta; and (2) Bring Bom, CL and Minzy to the Philippines. Now, both of these dreams are coming true. ❤ In line with this, we, as steadfast Dara and 2ne1 lovers, would like to welcome ALL the girls through this project. Hopefully, we can wear them loud and proud when the girls perform in the Philippines.

Details on how to win these shirts will be announced later on. ❤

A huge shoutout goes to KNUCKLEPINK for designing the amazing shirts and WELOVEDARA for working hard to make this entire project come to life. ❤

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Note: We really wish that we could provide everyone with T-shirts. But sadly, our budget does not allow it. As of now, we cannot sell the shirts because all the admins are very busy. 😦 We will sell the shirts AFTER 2NE1’s concert. We really hope that you can wait until then. We know we have no means of preventing you guys from “pirating” the designs but we do hope that you respect those who have worked hard for this project to come to life. They truly did work hard for this. 🙂 Thank you for the interest and continued support.


  1. toktoktokie said:

    WOW…kudos to KNUCKLEPINK, WE LOVE DARA AND OH DARA…!!! clapclapclap! ^^ those shirts are really nice!!!

  2. Love love love!!

  3. daragonlove said:

    i want to have that shirt either dara or 2ne1….

  4. I hope that they’ll allow us to reproduce it by ourselves, too so that we can have our own. The designs are really cute and I would like to have one.

  5. welovedara ❤ ohdara =D

    thanks so much, welovedara and knucklepink <333

    Dara jjang! <333

  6. Uwaa!!!! They’re all so cool !!!
    I hope it’s not restricted to people from the Philippines only.
    I’d love to have one ^^

  7. I SO LOVELOVELOVE THIS!!!! JJANGEST AND CUTEST 2NE1 SHIRT EVER!!! And mad props to Belle-unnie for making the design! I seriously wanna have one of those!!! NOPE, TWO! ONE DARA SHIRT & ONE 2NE1 SHIRT!!! ^____^ WAAAAH! Hope you can tell us already how to get our hands on these shirts! :DDD

  8. miss.ticism said:

    can we just reproduce this ourselves? but I dunno how we can give credit to KNUCKLEPINK in that case… maybe an ohdara.wordpress.com in the sleeves and knucklepink below the collar at the back?

    KNUCKLEPINK you really made an awesome shirt design right here. And I’m pleading you to please please allow us to use your design. I am very very much aware that all the credits are due to you. I’m begging you :((

    Gah this is a very stupid idea

    • i think it’s not stupid :).. i’m thinking the same thing…can we KNUCLEPINK 🙂 ….OhDara and welovedara are just creative geniuses >.<

    • I think that decision is up to WeLoveDara. ❤ The Primary Admin of WeLoveDara is the one who is producing the shirts basically to be given for free. She has worked really hard for these shirts to come to life. We will discuss it first. 🙂

      We have to give credit where credit is due. 🙂 Knucklepink was the one who came up with the amazing design and WeLoveDara was the one who orchestrated this whole thing to come to life. We will discuss it with them first.

      • miss.ticism said:

        AMEN to that.

        positive vibes positives vibes…

        @oh dara: THANK YOU SO MUCH for the immediate reply ❤

      • indeed very fast Oh dara!!! we’ll be patiently waiting for ur approval :)… incase it’s not allowed it’s okie as long as we can see and support our Bby D 😀 will be making our own piece 😀 … Jjang to the creators 😀

    • Oh lets leave knucklepinky with her design and stuff, lets make something else for ourselves can we?

      Anyone here doing fan art can do the job of desiging another one. Then it’s easy setting this one up to any craft store for silk screening.  

      When you get volunteers to help you out everything should fall into place 

      • miss.ticism said:

        alright TT_TT

      • wildlifeshine said:

        how about the design in their hoodies? its a simple one, like the ABS-CBN logo? actually, i already made this one in my t-shirt, i just print in a “heat transfer” shop/machine in StarMall-Crossing… and they also provide the t-shirt, 250 pesos, you can chose of their t-shirt there…

  9. hyuwhieyl said:

    we’ll buy it even after the concert !!! 🙂

  10. Thanks!!!! Gahhhh!!! So good. WeloveDara and OhDara are just the best!!!!

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