Update 1:

와쌉?!?오늘은 우리의 메인보컬 박봄양의 생일이에요!생일축하해용~!^.^무대에선 감동적인 목소리로 우리를 울리고ㅠ평소엔 귀여운 엉뚱함으로 우리를 웃게하는ㅋㅋ 배미양의 엉뚱한일화를 하나 공개할까합니다ㅋ생일기념퀴즈!! 이사진은 봄이의 어떤부위일까요??어떤상황일까요?ㅋ두둥!

[ME2DAY][TRANS] Wassup?!? Today is the birthday of our main vocal, park Bom-yang! Happy birthday~! ^.^ Her voice that sounds impressive on stage ㅠ Usually, her cuteness and randomness makes us laugh ke ke Baemi always makes mad, irrelevant comments in public ke Birthday memorial quiz! In this photo, what part of Bom is showing? What is the situation here? Dudung! 

Update 2:

[ME2DAY][TRANS # 2] Wow! Michin (A/N: she means her me2day friends) people are very smart ke The answer is pretty much obvious! I was supposed to show more photos to have more interest…I had to…ke but there’s nothing ke During one, cold winter day…I was up all night at the recording studio, and I felt a bit uneasy with the heater on, because it had a feeling of being swollen, but if the heater is turned off, it got too cold ㅠThat was such a hard situation….!

(A/N: She’s so random. I don’t understand how this related to the first and last update? LMAO!)

Update 3:

글쎄 엉뚱한봄이가 답답하다며 냉장고에…..어…얼굴을….ㅠㅜㅋㅋㅋ넣고 식히는중이라고하네요ㅋㅋ오마이갓!!! 배미언니는 역쉬 못말려어~! 어린이 여러분! 절대로! 따라하면 안됩니다!!!ㅋㅋㅋ앞으로도 항상 우리에게 웃음을주는 봄이가되길!^^ 생일축하해!!!ㅋ

[ME2DAY][TRANS#3] Well, the correct answer is that it’s wacky Bommie in the refrigerator…er…her face…ㅠㅜke ke ke She wanted to be cool, so she put it there ke ke oh my ghad! Baemi-unnie what are you trying to say~! Everyone! Never! This should not be followed!!! Ke ke ke We can always count on Bommie to give us a laugh!^^ Happy birthday! ke


Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara


Happy Birthday to 2NE1’s main vocal and Dara’s dearest Park sister, Bom ❤ Thank you Goddess D for the update! We miss you! ❤ Much thanks to WeLoveDara and to BlackjackBelle for the trans! <333



Dara and Minzy @ YGym [see pic after the cut] 🙂

고독한 자기관리 67편! ^^

Source: Hwangssabu@Twitter

Comments on: "Me2day: [UPDATED] Dara greets Bom a Happy Birthday! ^^" (26)

  1. I miss Dara’s updates~ T_T
    Thank you for posting these Darongie..
    eventhough we didn’t get to see your gorgeous face.. 😛
    are you hiding something? 😛
    Park Sistaz Love! <333!!!

  2. Mhainecarleigh said:

    waaaahhhh!!.. we cannot do anything now.. she’s way behind yoona…….. i’m sorry baby girl.. i know we did our best… 24/7 we are clicking… but yoona’s voters… pif! i dunno what to say … they are vampires!! arrrggghhh! the poll is due today… (sigh)…n_n even if we didn’t win the poll … our dara will always be no.1 for us… Good job PARKers and Blackjacks… 🙂 we did our best….

  3. yaneidonna said:

    oh my gawd…. where are you,,,,,blackjacks and parkers….? pleeease vote for baby girl….

  4. Mhainecarleigh said:

    OMO!!! why is it like this… ???? we are losing.. does yoona’s voters use something that we don’t know??? her votes are unbelievable! they are still active up to now.. i’m still clicking but only a little is being added to dara’s votes.. where are all PARKers and balckjacks! … pleeeaassee vote for our daronggg… =/

    • madz_Parker said:

      yeah!! they are so fast!!! i dont know why..what is happening?? i’ve been clicking but the votes are so slow…c’mon guys!! vote vote vote…

    • maybe they used autoclicker..software that does clicking for you..it’s for free anyways

  5. Ahww — Happy Birthday B0MTAR0!!!
    Please vote for Dara!

  6. haha! dorky park sisters for the win!:))
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOMMIE UNNIE!:)) Enjoy your day!:)

  7. i’m glad she update her me2day…i miss her updates..
    omo…she’s losing to yoona…keep voting guys!!!!
    i’m going to click! click! click that squirrel…lol

  8. madz_Parker said:

    finally!! metuday update..! so happy..! ^^
    pee bday bommie..!
    btw, guys let’s abuse the squirrel button!! keep on voting for goddess D..she deserves the title a lot,..yoona is leading by 200k…VOTE VOTE VOTE

  9. happy birthday bommie!

    we missed your me2 Dara!!! and you already have a funny story for us!!!! i love you!!!
    gawd i miss other home….*** please be okay now

  10. Anonymoes said:

    Thanx for FINALLY updating ur M2 Dara!! We missed u!!! And Happy Birthday To the baddest female corn field ever had..BOMMIE!!!

  11. daratoki said:

    pleeeeeeaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee……………. vote for dara…. she’s so much behind from yoona……. let’s vote 24/7…………. we can’t make dara lose

    • yeah! guys please i’m begging you i’m spending my whole time clicking the squirrel for dara’s sake please vote for her! yoona is leading by 3 points now! please!

  12. Darayah…we missed you…..Happy bday Bommie :))…Park sister’s always a BOM (makes us laugh)

  13. heys guys……dara is way behind yoo-na pls keep voting…. we need to vote kekeke

    • Mhainecarleigh said:

      yep.. after all our hardwork.. we cannot let her lose this time… click click click the squirrel guys!.. yoona’s 2% ahead of us.

  14. Omg, finally she updated! Happy birthday Bommie unnie, thank you that today is your birthday atleast Dalong has a reason to update, kekeke!

  15. Mhainecarleigh said:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOMMIE UNNIE! ^_^ we love yaaahhh and dara-yah!!! please vote for dara unnie… we are only away by 2-3k… it seems that yoona’s fans saw that we surpassed last night her votes.. they are making a move now..!! vote vote vote still guys! this is due tom.!


  16. hyuwhieyl said:

    she’s baaaaaack!! more more more!
    seriously idc if my teammates see my laptop screen with dara’s face coz im always checking twitter for updates hehe

  17. she finally update her me2day after a long time and she greet her best friend bommie! awwwwww so sweet dara!! PARKSISTER FTW!.;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOM!! THE BEST FRIEND AND THE PROTECTOR OF OUR GODDESS D!.;) stay sexy and healthy bom!! u too DARA!.;)


  18. is that dara’s head ? dorky dara 😎

    yeah ~ saengchuk bombombom ~ we love you /flyingchu

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