Sandara Park is one of those leading stars who communicates with her fans through SNS, in her case, Me2day, where as of the 21st, she already has 323, 261 me2day

friends. On February, during Big Bang’s comeback, G-Dragon’s followers swelled up to 323, 853, narrowly gaining the number 1 crown. But still, her me2day friends are still

double than that of IU, who has 191, 247 friends. Sandara Park tells us how stars are currently closely related to SNS, and how it allows them to tell fans about their day. We take a glimpse into the life of Sandara Park, as we follow her on Friday, March 18th, as she goes on a commercial shoot.

8:00AM | The Smartphone Wakes her up in the morning

“Ddan dan dan dan dan~!” was the loud sound of the smartphone’s ringtone. It was the sound of the phone’s alarm ring at 8AM. Because she had an advertising shooting schedule that day, she has to get up earlier than usual. She frequently uses the smartphone’s alarm so she would not have to listen to her manager’s wake-up call. But she is still so tired!

9:00AM | Beginning to search for 2NE1 articles

After getting up, she takes a shower, a quick bite to eat , etc, she goes to her designated beauty salon in Cheongdamdong, Seoul. On her way there, she uses her smartphone to access the Internet, and search for 2NE1 articles. She also visits YG Entertainment’s website, to check on the posts and read netizens’ comments. She then logs into her me2day account to read her “mitufriends” comments.

9:40AM | A storm of texts between her and brother, Thunder

While in a salon in Cheongdamdong, Seoul, to get her hair fixed, she reads the comments entries on her me2day. Suddenly, she feels worried about the health of her youngest sibling, baby-like brother (MBLAQ Thunder) and sends him a quick text. Today, he would be appearing in KBS2 TV “Music Bank,” but because of a bad cold, Thunder’s throat is sore and in pain. “Baby, is your body feeling tired? Go get ’em, and take care of your body. Do well in broadcasting today!” After 5 minutes, the reply comes, “Yes, my throat still feels a little sore ㅜ ㅜ.” Usually, she sends him a “storm of texts” but Thunder only replies with “short replies.”

10:00AM | While in the car, watching YouTube

While going to the advertisement shooting location at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium in Bangidong, she uses her Smartphone application to view the video-sharing site, YouTube. She smiles as she watches an entertainment interview program that aired last weekend, “Do I really talk that awkwardly? I’m not really made for shows.”

11:40AM | Leftover Time To Play Games!

While the shooting site is being set up, out of habbit, she takes out her smartphone to kill the time. Games are a good way to pass the time while the waiting time is not yet deterimnes. In reality, she doesn’t like playing games all that much, and though she doesn’t play very well, she is confident in one game, “Angry Birds.” She is good in the game where birds are used to attach pigs.

2:50PM | Catching up with Overseas Friends with WhatsApp Chat

Break time. She takes out her phone again and begins chatting with her friends in the Philippines using WhatsApp (mobile messenger application). With WhatsApp, she doesn’t feel the physical distance that separates her and her friends overseas. Throughout the coffee break, she used the WhatsApp to chat. In Korea, there are 8 million subscribers to the application, but it isn’t used often. But if one includes a text message while chatting, then it comes out better, right?

4:50PM | During her spare time, she logs into me2day

After some time had passed during the ad shooting, she monitors the images on the desktop. Once again, she takes a moment to access her me2day. During that time, her mechins had already published hundreds of comments. Although, she can’t read them all one by one, but she has attained a mysterious ability to just take one glance at the comments, and then understand what they are about. She smiles when she sees that fellow 2NE1 member, Park Bom, had come into her me2day and left a comment.

8:40PM | Texting Real-Time With Thunder

The shoot seems to have taken longer than expected. She sends another text message to Thunder. She always watches the broadcasts that Thunder appears in, but because of the advertisement shooting today, so she wasn’t able to monitor the live performance, hu hu! Oh darn! The “Music Bank” performance is finished. “Baby, did you do well in broadcast?” Thunder, characteristically, doesn’t answer her noona’s message. As the commercial shooting goes on, her time on SNS and her smart phone, goes on as well. And she spends her day like that.


Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Please do not take off or edit the credits when taking out. ^^



Thanks to: sjaikb

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  2. miss.ticism said:

    OUT OF TOPIC: But look guys! this is the same guy from Return of Iljimae and who wanted to invite Dara to a fanmeet… *faints*

  3. She’s really something! I wonder if other stars actually read the comments to their entries!

  4. tangerine_24 said:

    I bet Dara’s going to have a solo cp endorsement…yebba!!! 😀

    • Green Mango said:

      Love how the article is subtly extolling the virtues of her cellphone without mentioning the name or the model of the phone. 😉

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      all their computers there are apple.
      i rarely see idols and some of koreans using it..

      • I don’t think that’s an iphone though. It looks more like an LG or Samsung phone. And most music, video and graphic production uses mac. I don’t know about Korea but I know that in the US, most video production uses mac as the standard computer. I think that’s become true in the audio production also. Hence, it’s not surprising why YG uses is.

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