Girl group 2NE1 member, Sandara Park, attended labelmate PSY‘s concert, and revealed a photo showing proof of her attendance, which has attracted the attention of netizens.

On her me2day on the 13th, Sandara Park updated with the text, “Today, we came to this person’s concert~! Ke Who is this man~???” along with the picture.

In the photo, Sandara Park made a similar facial expression like the character on the poster she is pointing to. Sandara Park pointed to a cartoon picture with a round face and small eyes, which resembles Psy, painted to look like a disco ball.

Netizens who saw the picture commented with, “Is that PSY? Such aggressive eyes~” “Ke ke The cartoon looks the same as PSY…” “PSY! I think the eyes and the mouth are the same!” “Unnie is so cute!” showing a hot response.

Sandara Park, who belongs to YG Entertainment, has always shown her support and friendship with other labelmates.


Uploaded by: WeLoveDara@twitter/
Translated by: knucklepink@WeLoveDara/


Comments on: "News: Sandara Park Shows Concert Poster Picture, “Who Is This Person~?”" (5)

  1. LovelyGirl08 said:

    다라, 당신은 아직 너무 귀여워 시원하고 매력적인 동시에 수 있습니까?? ke ke ke!! 😉

  2. thank you for the translation.

    DARA is a hit news maker.

    everything she does is just___ and Dara fans are blessed to this.

  3. everything dara does eventually becomes a news…. lol

  4. So so pretty ^^

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