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Comments on: "Photos: [Caps] Goddess D @ 2NE1 TV Season 2" (49)

    omg. her porcelain skin is so so so evident with all the pictures especially the close-up picture where she was eating carrot! her face is really pretty and super cute! fanboys will really fall for you much much more when they see this pictures!:))

  2. Dara is really a Goddess from head to toe!!! ^O^

  3. nurulimani said:

    waaa……my pC full of her pic only… beautiful…beautiful…..goddess D…i always change my dekstop bg with all of her pic…..i can’t choose her best photo, becoz all of them are speechless..i end up, change my twitter photo with her pic regularly….

    goddess D, stop torture me with your perfect face!

  4. done saving all the pictures, tnx admin… love all the pix, high resolution… and i love, always staring the pics of dara when shes crying in the ranch…

  5. I can’t stop looking, I can’t stop. I can’t believe she’s so gorgoeus.

  6. I will never get tired at staring at you Gorgeous Face Santokki!
    You never fail to amaze me with your natural beauty and charm~ <333!!
    Thanks for sharing the CAPS! ♥♥♥

  7. No words needed. I’m enchanted.

  8. Green Mango said:

    This is my favorite post. Can`t have enough of her pretty pictures. Thank you JL from Kiss Dara of China.

  9. daragonlove said:

    dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara dara all i can see is the goddess beauty of sandy…

  10. Dara really proves that she’s a Goddess in those photos. She’s naturally beautiful without make-up period. ^_^

  11. uwaaaaaaa *gulps*
    speechless.. she’s just too gorgeous!

  12. serena waldorf said:

    i was really staring at her… so speechless.. she is so beautiful with or withour make-up…a true goddess indeed

  13. mary_pink31 said:

    damn, dara unnie is so gorgeous!!! Super!!! Whoever will be the man she chooses will surely be so lucky to have her..

    A gorgeous lady+a pure,kind heart+a vibrant personality? Who wouldnt like being with her. Whoever the man really hit the JACKPOT if dara choose him..

  14. i’m speechless ^.^…. ahhhh….Goddess D indeed >.<

  15. Your absolutely pretty,beautiful dara
    Goddess so much=))

  16. pinkprincez_mya said:

    the ever so beautiful and vibrant Goddess D.. i really envy her skin, so smooth and clear….. a true beauty indeed…

  17. i’m not surprised, rather envious…. and thanks to those who made the effort to make and compile the pix 🙂

  18. Seriously, she is so gorgeous!!! She looks like a goddess to me<333

  19. can i make this as my profile pic in fb??? lol

  20. im in love with our goddess…waaah

  21. aaah… heart is going crazy looking at the pictures….i’m oggling….(0_0)
    never seen such a beautiful face such as this… in pretty in every angle and every way…
    hmm… i found the one’s with less or no make-up at all are even prettier!!!!

  22. i want to pinch her cheek, i want to touch her face, OMG i”m a girl but im really in love to sandara park!

  23. Lol it takes full 5 minutes loading the entire post. It’s not the internet connection, it’s just my iphone cant take too much Goddess capacity ^.^

  24. she’s so pretty. i was awed!

  25. Goddess!!! 🙂


  27. Maria Charlene Soliguen said:

    very pretty……

  28. Oh her eyes, her eyes
    Make the stars look like they’re not shining
    Her hair, her hair
    Falls perfectly w(out her trying
    She’s so beautiful
    And I tell her everyday
    when I see your face
    There’s not a thing that I would change
    Cause you’re amazing
    Just the way you are
    And when you smile
    The whole world stops and stares for awhile
    Cause girl you’re amazing
    Just the way you are
    Seriously, when I saw these
    Bruno Mars JUST THE WAY YOU ARE suddenly pops up on my head,
    So I just commented some parts that suits for this GODDESS here!

    • hmm…I remember certain Ms. Tsuki of YT suggesting i make a Dara vid with this song. You must be one and the same bianchii

      • Ms. Tsuki? oh, i don’t have YT acc.! 🙂
        anyways, the song suits our GODDESS right?
        it’s like as if JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is dedicated for her!

        • Yes the lyrics suits her. I almost make another tribute to dara out of this song.

          But my pc went boogey so i didn’t go for it as suggested. So i send her to take that request to someone else lol.. poor girl

  29. It will be an epic thing if all this screencaps was made by Jaejoong!

    I just thought about it because of the JL kiss Dara..

    can be Jeajoong love & kiss dara!

  30. GOSH. A lot of gorgeous pictures… My YG folder’s filled with Goddess D’s pictures. She’s a vampire. Period.

  31. all the pictures is a WOW~!!!
    seriously, it’s TOO PRETTY.

  32. my goodness! how can i explain what i’m feeling while looking at her photos? er…i just can’t. suffice it to say that i’m more in love.

  33. I think Aphrodite got reincarnated as Dara coz she is like the goddess of Love & Beauty. No bad angles at all, whether frowning, crying, sad, or scared she is still stunning. That’s why I love her, but not just because of her looks I love her personality as well.

  34. funny …..cause i keep choosing the most beautiful picture….but ending up…….not choosing……..because ut’s so hard for all is beautiful for me……..

    • me too. I thought I saw my fave pic but in the end I wasn’t.LOL

      Dara is not NORMAL!!!

      Dara *speechless*


      I want to see her married and anticipate her babies. Hope OHDARA will still be active by that time comes and will still be OHDARA or

      DARA you are such a beauty. and as your follower you are not just the TYPICAL korean out there. You are calm and not ill tempered. thanks for showing your traits!


  35. She is a Goddess!!!! For me sh’s one of the most beautiful woman in the world! And it’s rare for me to say this haha

  36. OMO! I’m stun by Dara’s beauty!!!

  37. Goddess indeed!!

  38. beautiful dara…she’s really a goddess..her skin is flawless. i cant stop myself staring at her.

  39. wow… there’s no bad picture of Goddess D… gorgeous gorgeous… this girl’s beauty is not normal…

  40. speechless*** (I will comment again after my sanity comes back)

    • daragonlove said:

      did she blown your mind?…

      • daragonlove said:


        • Dara ra rah! said:

          hehe i was looking at the slideshow at the homepage but the pictures were moving too fast! WHERE THE HELL IS THE FIGGIN PAUSE! then i opened the article, and there it was. Dara’s pics in seperate displays. oops. lost my cool for a while there.. haha

          • Green Mango said:

            Place your cursor at the bottom middle portion of the slide show box and you will see the left, pause and right arrows. 😉

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