2NE1‘s Sandara Park revealed a surprising picture of a Big Bang TOP parody made by her manager. [A/N: Who cares about jjangmae (okay fine, thanks for taking care of Dee-ah, manager-sshi) when there’s a soooo hot TOP on the other side?! TOP my boo!]

On the 10th, Sandara Park revealed on her me2day, “This is not TOP or Seungri… He is jjangmae! Jjangmae on his debut!” publishing the text along with the picture.

Jjangmae is an abbreviation for their “jjangoo manager,” as revealed on 2NE1 TV.

In the photo, parodying TOP, the manager, dressed in white suit with white sunglasses, posed in a similar position, evoking laughter from the netizens.

Netizens responeded with, “The earlier picture showing the feet really looked like TOP’s,” “Jjangmae, you’re so fabulous in your debut!” showing interest.

This photo was taken during an Etude House cosmetic ad shooting, where ad model, Sandara Park, is the active Etude girl. Fans are curious as to how the manager would debut in the commercial.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park, showed another manager parody last month, with her CF photos being parodied by the manager, already becoming a hot topic among netizens.

[A/N: Oh my husband, TOP, looking oh so fineeee! Thanks for the Valentines date we had, hun! LMAOOOO! /slapped]


Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110215n10477
Uploaded by: WeLoveDara@twitter/ twitter.com/welovedara
Translated by: knucklepink@WeLoveDara/ knucklepink@Daragon-Hideout.com/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara.wordpress.com


Comments on: "News: Sandara Park’s Manager Parody, “Confused for TOP!”" (9)

  1. elow!…im new here!…im certified dara fangirl!…. nice to meet all other dara fans here!….lets spread dara love!(*_*)

  2. lol, Jjanggoo manager is super cool!!! ^-^

  3. BlackjackBelle said:

    LMAO! Don’t get me wrong! I care about jjangmae, and I’m extremely thankful to him for taking care of our Goddess D. That comment was just for laughs. LOL! ❤

  4. Jjanggoo manager is now like the most famous manager in korea now… Dara unnie makes people famous haha… ^^

  5. Dara makes everyone famous.

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by 2ne1bjs, Oh Dara!. Oh Dara! said: NEWS: http://wp.me/pEGPE-8Y6 Sandara Park's Manager Parody, "Confused for TOP!" [thanks to @knucklepink ❤ and @WeLoveDara <3] […]

  7. HAHAHHA. OMO. JJANGMAE will be the next KANG HO DONG if ever..and wahhh. Top!!

  8. I care about jjangmae. I love how he takes care of Goddess D.

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