wassup!^.^ wonderful sunday??? im sooooooo~ resting right now *sob sob* TT now the holidays are going to end soon and were going to be busy again !TT while ive been resting ive been addicted to this game keke fashion world!ke its interesting!Ke

(Translated by: winggers@DGH)

Comments on: "Me2day: Have A Wonderful Sunday!" (26)

  1. pretty18angela said:

    oopsie… even you type in her account name, it won’t appear in search results.. it’s verrryy private up to the point that you can’t still search her even she used a different name.. kkkk~ she does want to have privacy.. well, she deserves that..

  2. wagt is her name?????
    pls. tell me

  3. Yah she does have…but it’s in private mode..you can’t add her up.. aishhhhh…

  4. Most likely she made one in order keep in touch with her pinoy friends. Easier to get updates than email/online chat, cheaper than international sms. FB in the Philippines is more popular than twitter.

  5. daraislove said:

    wow Dara has facebook!!! omo ..anyway.. have you seen se7en’s tweet? i think he mention Our goddess D! here it is officialse7en SE7EN
    @Star_Oska 껍데기 콜!!! 근데 윤슬씬 트위터 안하나?? 나 다음노래 뮤비작업 같이하고 싶은데… 연결좀 시켜줘봐봐~ 그럼 내가 산다라 싸인 받아다줄게~!!^^ can anyone translate? google trans is confusing!

  6. geez, imma start playing fashion world now.

  7. So it’s true then! My friend said that she made FB acc. when she went here in Phil., but she use other name! At 1st, I didn’t actually believe her, but seeing this, aisht! And she said that she just made it for her friends here!

  8. she have a FACEBOOK and she is playing FASHION WORLD!!! OH MY!!!!!!!

  9. waah dara so this means you have a facebook account? O.O hehe anyway, you should watch Social Network then!!! its a very nice film 😀

  10. I’m going to look for that game and play it. :))

  11. kwondarong said:

    so, she does have facebook?
    I WANT to b her friend

  12. yeah..that’s facebook’s fashion world game..^^

  13. this is from facebook’s fashion world..lol…dara has facebook…??

  14. kwondarong said:

    what game is dis??? from what website??? anyone knows????

  15. Cute game. the doll does look lie bommie unnie:)
    Rest well unnie:)

  16. yipey, i agree….the avatar really looks like bom..dara-ssi, good job..enjoy your vacay before it ends..we will always back you up during your busy times and holidays…fighting…

  17. Ayye!
    Dara doesnt know me but my birthday on sunday for her to say have a wonderful sunday-hehe^^
    she play online dress up games too~woah i have so many in common with her.

    • The avatar character she dressed up look like Park Bom!^_^

      • yeah..it does look like bom…maybe this is what Top means when he said Bom looks like a cartoon character? hahah rest well Goddess D ^.^

  18. Dara-yah! Holidays are not ending yet There is still Valentines day..Korea people do celebrate Valentines Day right?

  19. Are you serious!!…
    Ayye!~Dara doesnt know me but my birthday on Sunday for her to say Have a Wonderful Sunday-Hehehe^^
    and She play Online Dress Up Games too like me Too,i have many in common with her~Cool
    Peeps online dress up games are really fun go check it out at dressupgames.com ..Omph!..sorry getting off topic oh wait no im not HAHA^^

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