credits: as tagged + baidu sandara bar

Thanks to MD555MAG and daphne for the tip 🙂

credit: superart055@yt

credit: superart055@yt

Comments on: "Photos/Videos:[fantaken] 2NE1 in Thailand" (21)

  1. […] Photos/Videos:[fantaken] 2NE1 in Thailand credits: as tagged Thanks to MD555MAG and daphne for the tip […] […]

  2. Dara unni looks adorable!! Love her Fendi bag<333

  3. [FANCAM] 101218 2NE1 – don’t stop the music @yamaha fiore night party in Thailand

  4. 101218 2ne1-fire@fiore night party

  5. ok..good thing my hair is still short..hahaha..all I have to do is to curl my hair same as dara.LMAO… WE LOVE YOU DARA ^^

  6. the hair changes her aura…
    makes her look…more…OPEN!

    clear eyeas, sweet smile…wahh…her beauty inside shines outside….DARA ILOVEYOUFOREVAH

  7. I really love her hair!

  8. rudelysweetk said:

    omg,, i an fan of long hair but dara looks cute in short hair.. i really like it,, i really like it when she have this curly hair..she looks more fresh and more younger.. can’t believe she can pull any type of hairstyle and still looking beautiful as ever.. i want her hair uhmmm i bet i will look ugly.. all i can do is look at her..pretty uhmmm

  9. i really love her hair like this… i prefer this more than the common straight bob hair @ mma… it made her face fuller,livelier & really breathtaking… she’s my korean kyoko-chan!! ^.^

  10. the curious case of dara park.

  11. dara looks like a teenager :))
    she’s so cute

  12. 2ne1shabam said:

    Dara looks younger with the hair. Super cute ^_^
    Who’s that guy beside you DaRA?WHY IS YOUR BODYGUARD CUTE TOO, 0_0 HAHAHA nvm.

  13. try to look at this :
    I’m not sure if this was already post here but i think this is after the yg concert. I didnt know thay thunder and se7en are close.

    • owhhh…tq for the info..i really love it..hope thunder and taeyang hav such conversation too…

  14. she look like 13 y.o with her curly hair and mature/sophisticated when her hair is straight …WOW *_*

  15. VIDEO 1; Fans are so polite! Hahaha. No screaming and such 🙂
    Really wish I was in Thailand right now

  16. thanks girl for this! I envy them!

  17. ..->where’s Dara unnie,..?

    There’s 0nly a teenage g!rl having a pic w/ the 3 members of 2ne1 w/0ut dara?kekeke!

    It just b’coz dara unnie looks like a teenage girl..:-):-D

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