Sawadika!!! ^.^여긴 태국!우리 방금 무대 끝나구 내려왔어요! 우리 넷 다 태국 처음인데 너무 적응잘하는거아니냐며 ㅋ음식두 잘먹구! 오늘 공연때 투애니원을 보러 너무 많은분들이와줬어요!ㅠㅠ폭풍감동! Thank you thailand!!! 또 초대해줘요!^^


sawadika!!!^.^ were at Thailand just finished performing!its the first time in Thailand for all 4 of us an they said we adjusted really quickly ke. we liked the food too!and so many ppl came to watch our performance! TT TT im so touched ! thank you thailand!!! please do invite us to go there again!^.^

translated by Winggers@DGH


According to our Thai friends, 2NE1 performed two songs, Don’t Stop The Music and Fire. 🙂 @WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Me2day: Dara give Thanks to their Thai Fans" (28)

  1. Or4ngeJuice said:

    I was there with them too , really appreciated that they came.
    All members were so nice and looked so good.
    i luv 2NE1 so much , especially my lively DaRa 🙂
    U ‘re too cute to b true, DaRa ❤
    U drive me crazy hehehe ^^

  2. emmarie1102 said:

    cl is so cute in here love her cuteness here… keke… dara, bommie are still pretty as well… and minzy… oh my cute maknae… she’s glowing… 2ne1 is still my number 1…

  3. Lucky thailanders, 2ne1 manage to come there because of fiore endorsement. I hope they do the same thing in the philippines by endorsing our E-tricycles

  4. aww..that’s soo nice of D, never forgetting to thank fans wherever she goes, love the pic with the rest of the girls
    been awhile since i last saw one on her me2day!
    You girls looked uber cute!
    and dara’s extensions give off a more edgy/rock style to her that night.. :cool! 🙂

  5. thanks for the fancams.

    Dara-ah such a sweet lady.

  6. there’s one angry gaho on her shirt 😛

    • pinkprincez_mya said:

      i haven’t seen it until you pointed that out.. hehe
      maybe it was her way of promoting GdTop…
      cl and minzy sure love that expression on their face, they keep using it.. cutie bom..
      adorable and pretty dara… Philippines pls invite them too!!!!! hehe

      • mary_pink31 said:

        OMG!!! even if im in visayas i would totally go to manila just to see them..hahahahaha… what would my letter of excuse be with my supervisor if ever? hahahahaha.. dear maam, sorry for being absent because im going to manila to see my idol 2ne1..hahahaha…

  7. Sandara park said:

    Ouch why Dara hair quite long

  8. hope that they let dara’s hair down T^T

  9. Gosh! I missed their mini concert TT.TT danggg….
    I was late…..but there’s too many Thai BJ….they’r everywhere ^.^ 2ne1 Noljaa!!

  10. has anyone seen Bommie’s teeth?

  11. tnx 4 d fancam…

  12. 101218 2NE1 – simple Don’t Stop The Music @ Fiore night party

  13. [FANCAM] 101218 2NE1 – fire @yamaha fiore night party in Thailand

  14. s there a fancam??…….i wana see dem prform dnt stop d music

  15. MzXaseangurl said:

    I heard 2Ne1s performing in inki tomorrow!I can’t wait!!and also GTOP!

  16. MzXaseangurl said:

    2NE1 unnies are looking gorgeous!!!Gosh Dara you look so young:)and Bommie is so cute,CL and Minzy got really pretty^.^

  17. whats that reddish marks in Dara’s neck, allergies?

  18. i hope it’s just a wig…
    she looks thin again with long hair…

  19. i would like to share this vid. the guy request a song to dara with her part in clap your hand and bom in you and’s so funny co’z the guy said in the end wahh it was true hahaha well we all know that our 2ne1 sing live.

  20. i thought they are done torturing her hair, well i guess not, huh?! i’m not going to be surprised if 1 day,i’m going to see her palm tree hair again! lol!

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