Me2day: Good Morning!

source: Dara’s me2day

Good morning?!? ^^ It’s cold, it’s cold!!!!!!!!!!!! I came out and it’s frozen solid!!! I picked last year’s birthday gift of a padded jacket from Thunder!ㅋ Look out for the red carpet today! Last year, I courageously worse clothes that left me cold…remember? Well, it’s cold again today! Fighting!!!ㅠㅠㅋ (Translated by: aa-chan)

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  1. i just saw their pic too and DARA is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!
    so so so pretty!

  2. mary_pink31 said:

    OMG!! i dont know if this is true but i found the leak results of MELON awards..
    Concert culture awards- PSY
    2010 top 10- 2ne1 included
    R and B award- Gummy
    album of the year- 2ne1 toanyone!!! Yes album of the year!!!

    hehehehehe.. i dont know if its true though…..i only wrote the YG family winners..

  3. Still PRETTY DARA 🙂

  4. shelooks like the girl in butterfly now!she is so hot!sophisticated:)

  5. short hair for dara!! omo!! she’s really pretty.. she look very sophisticated!! i soo love it!!!

  6. I just saw a picture of her! She looks Oh so stunning! She is so beautiful! A true goddess! The stylist did good^_^ Oh dara you’re so beautiful! (Fan girl much) lol

  7. mary_pink31 said:

    OMG!!!! a short hair!!! she looks so sophisticated.. she is super duper gorgeous with that hair!!! And that outfit? OMG!!! so stylish.. so fashion forward…i love it…


  9. red carpet is starting now… hmm… Dara looks great in her out fit.. but I wish she show more skin… hehehe it would have been sexier… 😀

  10. ^ yeah!

    Dara’s freaking GORGEOUS with that short hair! omg. she’s really a goddess!!! GORGEEOUSSSSSSSSS!!!

    she should get the best look of the night… or stunning beauty of the evening.

    (if ever MMA gives that kind of award. :D)

  11. OMG.. dara has a short hair now… she’s freaking gorgeous on mma red carpet..

  12. So cute Dara!!~

  13. Where can we watch the live stream for the melon awards show?

    Thanks. 🙂

  14. oh! wow~ Who could forget the oh soo sexy sultry classy Sandara that walked down the red carpet of Melon Music Awards last year? She was scorching hot!!! <333!!!
    I can't wait what she has in store for us tonight!
    Good Luck 2NE1!!! Fighting!! 🙂

  15. lao_phang_sandara_park said:

    haha Eat more,Sleep more,Rest more.Fighting ❤ Dara!!

  16. i love her outfits…the acid washed jeans…the polkadot insdie shirt…the furry jacket…and awesome shoes…
    dara-yah…you’re my style icon!

  17. would love to see the goddess hair ^^

  18. Dara ah, please please eat more and get a good rest. Even my brother is seeing the difference in your weight. You’re the reason why he’s following 2NE1 by the way dear.

  19. can we see your hair now??? please…hehe

  20. can any1 here clarify 2ne1 schedule? coz i heard melon is today at 7pm kst..but then,super star concert start at 8pm kst…is 2ne1 will not attending melon?

  21. OMG! She looks so thin! Oh, she’s thin, indeed. ;))
    But, dang! She’s a REAL GODDESS!
    Hoping to meet her, soon!
    Btw, I’m just a lurker here before. ;))
    I’m a fan of DARA PARK and will always be. 🙂

  22. today is melon music awards?

  23. AIGOO! Dara-unnie still hiding her new look? Kekeke. So today’s Melon awards? Can’t wait! Look smokin’ hot again, Dara-unnie! And yeah, wear your hair down! We gotta see your smexy new ‘do! 😀

  24. I am curious to see her new hairstyle…
    What time is Melon?

  25. good morning and good luck with Melon and the Superstar concert~~

  26. Gudluck to our girls 2ne1 i knw today is d melon music awards ryt? Go girls! Im excited how der outfit would be..

  27. I hope she wears something sexy for ‘melon music awards’ like she did last year. 😀 😀 With your hair down Dara!

  28. she’s hiding her hair these days…..she must’ve cut it short..and she’s going to surprise us…^_^….keke… Good morning Goddess!!!!

  29. shes really hiding her hair i thought… darong pls show us now your new hair style…

  30. Hi guys i really lyk dis blog frm d 1st time i saw it i love dara too!hope im welcome^_^

  31. Why is dara hiding?

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