Sandara Park shows her sad tears in 2NE1′s latest music video.

YG Entertainment revealed through its official blog,, that 2NE1′s follow-up song would be “It Hurts,” updating a unique picture of 2NE1 member, Sandara Park. “It Hurts” was finally released on November 1, 1:00 PM, gaining a hot response from fans.

In the music video, the members appear in chic, dark clothing, with a ruined building at the background. WIth their unconventional dress and hairstyles, 2NE1 managed to raise the unique atmosphere even higher. Park Bom’s turquoise hair, CL’s black leather boots, Sandara Park’s pale make-up, and Gong Minji’s unique attire, all added up to the fantasy feel of the video.

Big Bang G-Dragon’s long-time friend, actor-model, Lee Soo Hyuk also appeared in the music video, where he is the male lead and the object of Sandara Park’s tears and sad actions. In the music video, they act as lovers, where she misses him and waits for him in front of a cake made of candles (A/N: Whut?! O_O). Sandara Park’s longing and sad tears made the sorrowful song more powerful. Her acting in the music video showed off her feminine charm and fragility.

Fans and netizens response to the music video was hot and intense. “This music video really shows that Sandara Park is really good in acting,” “2NE1 is so unique and different!” “Normally, girl groups’ music videos are tedious to look at, but this one is refreshing,” “Only 2NE1 can pull off this concept,” “Sandara Park should be acting in a drama,” “The leads look so good together,” “Sandara Park unnie’s tears made me cry,” “Sandara Park’s acting in this MV is explosive,” “Even in the gloomy atmosphere, 2NE1 is still attractive,” “The transformation is so chic!” “Very gloomy yet effective fantasy” “It’s very distinct. Of course, it’s 2NE1,” showing an explosive reaction.

This song is still part of 2NE1′s new album, and is the only slow R&B song, which shows the members’ superb singing voice.

The song talks about a hurt female lover, and this became the benchmark of the music video, whose director was the same one who did G-Dragon’s “Butterfly” and TaeYang’s “I’ll Be There.”

Last month, 2NE1 announced that they will be doing follow-up promotions, and when it was finally announced that the song would be “It Hurts,” the promotions went head on. Already, their three title songs, “Clap Your Hands,” “Go Away,” and “Can’t Nobody” has already won many awards and had a great following after intense and remarkable promotions.

On the 31st, in SBS Inkigayo, 2NE1 already started their promotional activities for “It Hurts” with a powerful first stage performance.

2NE1 is expected to promote “It Hurts” until the end of the month, before stopping their activities for the “2010 YG Family Concert” to be held on December 4 and 5 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, where the group would be holding their first concert stage.


Source: Nate News (there’s too many to enumerate)

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/


Comments on: "[News] Sandara Park’s Tears in “It Hurts” MV Fuels Hot Reaction" (49)

  1. I like Dara’s spirit in acting
    This MV, is really really nice!
    I like that!
    And I’m not bored to played this MV recur

  2. NaugthySocialWorker said:

    Though they are not the most beautiful and not the sexiest girl group in S.Korea…(what i mean here is the 2NE1 members are can be categorized as pretty but not that exquisite)…THEY are DEFINITELY the BEST….the way they perform in front of the audience really emanates liveliness and genuine communication atmosphere. These traits are the reason why 2NE1 receives constructive criticism and certain high level of response and respect particularly from netizens…

  3. 2NE1’s MV is really great and I’m glad with the warm response from the fans & non-fans alike. Dara’s acting skill really shine as well as 2NE1’s powerhouse vocals in the music video. The story in the MV blends well with the sad song lyrics of “It Hurts”. Maybe YG will give Dara an opportunity to do Korean drama in the near future after 2NE1 conquered Japan & US or the whole world with their hip-hop/R & B music produced by Will.I.Am of BEP. 2NE1 fighting!!! ^.^

  4. Everyone is wishing for Dara to have a drama. I believe YG will allow her to do so but not so soon, I guess he’s waiting for the right time and right story.

    Congrats Dara!

  5. First of all, thanks for the translations, Belle-unnie! Those comments in the article kinda already summed up what I’ve got to say about the video. I’ll think I’ll just have to agree with every single one of them. Keke.

    Hehe. I dunno if this is OT but I wanna say something about Dara-unnie’s leading man, Lee Soo Hyuk. I can’t believe there are people saying that he wasn’t fit for the role or that he is ugly. For heaven’s sake, the guy’s gorgeous! He may not be the typical hottie but his over-all mysterious aura is what makes him attractive. And I believe his lanky build & angular face is perfect for the Halloween feel of the MV. He really is the living version of Victor from the Corpse Bride with his appearance in the MV. Kekekeke. Again, sorry if I had to say this here. He’s Dara-unnie’s partner after all, right? Hehe. 😉

  6. pinkprincez_mya said:

    waaahhh.. so proud of you girls!!!!! esp to our dear dara unnie… i know this will come,.. after that hotbreaking mv i know many articles about 2ne1 and dara will come…they just can’t resist them.. esp.our goddess.. keke
    btw.. tnx for the trans….

  7. a big HUG for our GIRL! as always she never lets us down! she makes us all proud!

  8. I hope they will show the behind the scene of this mv..:)

  9. love it..its not only fuels hot reaction,its spread wide fire…lol

  10. i love reading this kind of article.

  11. glaze loves dara said:

    I love dara 🙂 the reason why I’m into KPOP. 🙂 the reason why I love 2ne1 🙂 the reason why I bought 2ne1′ album 🙂 I love dara’s acting, singing, dancing everything about her 🙂 2ne1 fighting!

  12. raizeljoyce said:

    LOL. ‘and waits for him in front of a cake made of candles ‘
    I wonder what candle cake takes like!? XD

    I love the comments!~

    and thank you for translating Belle-unnie! 🙂

  13. Jive is Dara's puppy said:

    I like to believe that Dara is just lucky to be in the right place at the right time, the right group and the right company. But nope, all of them: YG, CL, Bom, Minji, the KPOP industry and all the music loving koreans are the ones who are lucky to have this girl Sandara Park. The record speaks for itself. You take her away then you will sing your own version of ‘It Hurts’

    • dara-addict said:

      absolutely, precisely, accurately and magnificently right. haha.. They are very lucky indeed and also, us Dara Fans to have Dara. DARA= GOD’S GIFT. DARA FTW….

  14. aja! 2ne1!

  15. I was wowed by their looks! 8D 2NE1’s fashion never fails to impress me! I wish the MV was longer so I can appreciate their beauty more, esp. Dara! 😦

  16. haha
    thank Belle unnie.
    It’s hurt ‘s Mv is very impressive. Dara’s acting is nothing to complain :X

  17. If they do perform this song… Dara like going to be on the side or somethin’? Cause she has like one line and a few others towards the endXD
    I wonder how its going to turn out…

    But I am glad that they had a great response and thank you Belle for translating!

    • they already did @ inkigayo last sunday.

      • XD
        Yeah I just found that out! I just saw the vid too and they all look wonderful!^^ And the turn out was really good.

        I haven’t been able to get on so I am like three weeks behind these news/MVs/perfomances etc….lol

    • they performed it @ Inki , surprisingly she’s in the middle 😀 .. and got a fair screen time as well.
      Don’t worry , her wonderful expressions and sweet voice make up for it ❤

      • yup agree……now i started to like this songs after inki and MV…..even just a few line, dara unnie own her own part and made IT HURTS more flawless………

  18. Inki perf. was flawless. Girls better win something ’cause they deserve every bit of it.

  19. 2ne1 so classy, they rock the goth vid lol
    and is Big Daddy YG practicing dara unnie for being a vampire lol
    random thoughts ^_^

    • HOW COME?

    • oh gosh .. I so want her to be the lead on Goo Hye Sun’s vampire movie T___T

      • ijust make a random thoughts guys cuz i remembered goo hye sun unnie stated that her movie plot is done, then during their winwin, q’s been asked if they can work @ some proj cuz goo hye sun is a director and dara unnie is an actress so there, and goo hye sun knows she’s a vampire lol, another random thoughts,
        ^_^ just ignore me lol

  20. Daragonlove said:

    I’am soo liking the netizens comment for 2NE1 & our Dara. 🙂 It Hurts mv was only showed yesterday and its all over the news. If I know they’ll be another fanboys out there that has been captivated by our Goddess. It is indeed that any one paired with our Goddess almost make a good chemistry.

    GD’s friend is also indeed very handsome tee hee. Mysterious likee tee hee.

  21. i3rasaila said:

    agree with all comments. sandara unnie is so beatiful. flawless goddess indeed. 🙂

  22. yay! thank you Belle. 😀

  23. Thank you for translating @knucklepink 🙂
    Glad to read positive reviews and comments from netizens.
    I’m so proud to be a fan of 2NE1 🙂

  24. crown princess star said:

    thanx for the translation belle!! I agree to their comments!! Sandara did a superb acting here.. I really love the MV! hope she will be a star in a drama soon!!!

  25. Hanatokpop said:

    Man I really want Dara unnie to be In a drama but I guess it won’t happen bcuz of the international promotions( which I’m happy about). Agree with all the comment.

  26. blackjackbelle said:

    WHy can I not leave a comment? LMAO! I’ve tried, like three times. T T

    Aigoo. Anyways. Loved the MV. Loved the girls. But I loved loved loved Dara’s acting here. She got the emotions down to pat, and she makes you wanna cry along with her. T T

    Sorry for the articles taking so long. I had to go review at least 15+ articles and then lump them together into one article. And…lmao, it sounds rambling and disoriented, doesn’t it? O_O

    • BlaisePaige said:

      Nope. Not at all. You did a good job! Thank you!

    • ahuhu sorry but sometimes wordpress will automatically put comments into the spam section .. i dont know why .. 😦

    • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

      big thanks for the trans Belle!! Dara’s acting esp when she was hugging the guy moved me to tears. you can really feel the longing and the pain.. esp at the end when she shed those tears.. i cried w/ her..omo! it’s mixed emotions really.. i got carried away and at the same time tears of happiness for Dara.. soo sooo proud of her!

  27. BlackjackBelle said:

    Sorry the article took so long. And now that I’m reading it again, it sounds like it’s rambling and weird-ish. T T Sorry, not in my right mind. There were too many of them and so I had to lump them all together. T T





  29. illusions said:

    stop their promotion??at the end of the month??
    yg can you extend their promotional period??puhlease~
    i will miss the girls.wuhuuhuu

  30. anonyMOEs said:

    First THANKS BELLE for translating this…Second i totally agree with all da comments!!! Yay they will be promoting till da end of Nov…that means their gonna be there when BB comesback? 🙂

  31. dara unnie……………………………………………………..superb…beyond words, that why she’s trending yesterday without planning….kyak….

  32. i just love love love the netizens comments!:’) even them thinks that dara unnie should go into acting. aigoo..the girls are really daebak!

  33. 2ne1shabam said:

    T T i am so happy beyond words T T..i’ll be back i’ll comment again later…yes they are DAEBAK!!!

  34. I’m so happy for Dara and the rest of the girls.
    they really give a different vibes and showed that they were really unique.

  35. BlackjackBelle said:

    Sorry. Took forever to sort it out.

  36. Super agree to all the comments!

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