On the 16th, 2NE1 appeared in the KBS’ TV Show “Guerilla Date” where fans had the chance to meet and greet 2NE1. This episode of Guerilla Date garnered much anticipation from fans for they know each member has the superb skill of handling a variety show.

This episode also includes a little discussion about the time CL fell face-forward when they were performing “Can’t Nobody” at the 2010 Hallyu Dream Concert. At that time, Dara was standing next to her and had been worried about CL-roo. However, Dara said that “She got up in one second, I was amazed,” praising CL’s pro mindset even after she fell. Though I really hate seeing CL fall, I realized that Dara was so considerate about CL and got lost for one second. With further ado, Dara’s printed jacket was very noticeable and it came out to be from Kokon To Zai (KTZ). Check it out below:

Printed Yellow Jacket from Kokon To Zai (KTZ)

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Comments on: "|Fashion| Dara’s bangin’ KTZ jacket!!" (6)

  1. cool jacket:)..and yeah..dara unnie is definitely bangin’ it! keke:P
    i like the article. CHAERA love!:)

  2. well thats leadja CL and yeah, dara seems so worried, but show must go on!
    so professional. 2ne1 is love!
    daraCl2ne1 rocks!

  3. memelovesdara said:

    balman to KTZ.

  4. ooh. I really love that jacket on her! 😀

    • me too!! She wore it much better than the model xD

      • Exactly my guru ^_^ Even trying them on the other girls wont work either. I try to imagine it tho but my mind says i’m nuts. I guess this fashion like any other good fashion is dara biased. I only think this jacket comes great with a beanie 

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