Jjang Manager…scary…???ㅋ But don’t worry!!! Jjang Manager’s features will be shown soon!!! Also a separate nickname will be disclosed ㅋㅋ Jjang’s background image will be exposed in 7 days time ㅋㅋ

Source: dara’s me2day


Comments on: "Me2day: Jjangoo Manager joins the 2NE1 TV S2 Countdown: D-7" (9)

  1. jjango manager so funny in that selca pose…kekek…

  2. mikimeun said:

    lol everyone around dara been spread with me2day ‘TAKE THAT PIC’ virus ^_^

  3. 2ne1shabam said:

    just like to share, we can see DARA here it was played in Strong heart guest Taeyang, it was only a few seconds but still its worth watching…
    heres the link:

    saw this from ATY btw…

    • oh, i’ve watched this! i actually find it cute when i saw lee seungGi laughed, he clapped his hands while laughing and then he put his hands at his face! when i saw that i suddenly thought of goddess, she always do that! lol..!

  4. ha ha ha

  5. “Jjang’s background image will be EXPOSED” 🙂

  6. that looks wrong. lol. cute though

  7. ckjack_bla said:

    cute 😀

  8. 박산다라 said:

    funny hahahaha

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