Mnet recently held a survey where the concept was “It’s hart to believe these singers are the same age”.

As a result, it was no wonder fans voted the most was Sandara Park of 2ne1 and Seo In Young.

No. 1 are Seo In Young and Sandara Park who are of the same age, both are born on 1984 but both look’s different. It’s hard to believe that both singers are 25(26) years old.

No. 2 are Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Epik High’s Mithra Jin. Both were born on 1983, they are the same age and they ever are good friends with each other.

No. 3 are Uncle-Nephew 2am’s Changmin and and T-ara’s Boram. Both are born in 1986, but the two could pass of as an uncle and a nephew.

No. 4 are FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki and Davichi’s Min Kyung who are both born on 1990.

No. 5 are MBLAQ’s Thunder and and 2pm’s Chansung who are both born on 1990 as well.

Source: Osen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews


Thanks to Chloe Was Here for the tip 🙂

Comments on: "News: Singers with the same age who could pass as older-younger siblings ranking revealed" (14)

  1. ehem…this reminds me of a song…..

  2. poor her, having to be compared to a goddess.
    this is rather rude on her side, isnt it?

  3. tamtamie said:

    i first knew Seo Inyoung’s age by Lee Seunggi in strong heart before that i don’t have any idea that Dara and Inyoung are in the same age…but on the picture above they could be seen as sister…they were somehow look a like…^^

  4. nana.:) said:

    they kinda look alike..but with the age? dara unnie really looks younger than her real age:))

  5. If Dara maintain her youthful look at least within 10 yrs if possible it will be a real threat to anyone below her age including minji 😀 

  6. DARAcoercion said:

    the best side of her is she is pure a NATURAL beauty. Geez, I have never seen any korean female who is naturally pretty and young looking. That is why many koreans love her, a natural and classic korean not a synthetic one. lol

  7. Well.. with Baby Face Darongie, I’m sure a bunch of her same age friends and other women her age, envies her young looking and flawless features, she ages well.. besides I don’t think 25 is old, LOL!
    She looks like she’ still in her teens! and I love that about her.
    Well, there are also others who are younger than her but looks waay older, LOL! 😛

  8. I think how SIY looks like right now is exactly how a 25yr old woman should look like. Dara is just unbelievably youthful looking.

  9. Ohmyjoella said:

    They look like a mother and daughter lol. Dara looks like teenager. I envy her. She looks more younger than me.

  10. Dara ages very well…in fact she is getting younger and younger each day haha… ..Seo in young looks like her aunt hehe..

    Btw.. just want to share this article from local tabloid in Manila..
    Dara was featured in..

  11. mikimeun said:

    i think its because of lee seunggi remembered that seo inyoung was the same with dara unnie shii, i love seo inyoung and dara unnie shii ^_^ so netizens also observed that both can be sistah fighting!

  12. 2ne1shabam_usa said:

    i second that..

  13. daphne84 said:

    Dara looks 18, Seo In Young on the other hand she looks like she is in her late 30’s.

  14. Seo in young looks 35-40 on the pic while Dara looks 20

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