Girl group, 2NE1 member, Sandara Park’s human “beauty preservative” is hot topic.

Recently, in an online community site, Sandara Park’s photo from the Philippines five years ago, was posted by fans, drawing attention to her good looks.

In the photo, Sandara Park’s oval face, cute cheeks, and over-all fresh and innocent look is the same as now.

Netizens react with, “What kind of preservatives does she eat?” “She seems a bit younger now,” “I wonder what she eats that she’s not getting old,” “She should disclose her secret already,” over her “beauty preservatives” secrets, with wonder in their minds.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 surprised everyone with their latest single release, “Try to Follow Me,” last February, although they haven’t done any activity on music programs, fans still have high hopes for a near comeback.



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Comments on: "News: Sandara Park Looks the Same as Five Years Ago: Human Preservative Secret?" (18)

  1. supertstar79 said:

    she’s got super glowing genes!!! i envy her.

    still the same, except for those chubby cheeks she used to have.

  2. tangerine_24 said:

    Her secret??? FResh blood!!!! 😛 Be careful haters Dara’s fangs may get you and make you fall in love with her….Kidding aside I love her looks now…She had undergone complete metamorphosis…from cute and shy girl to gorgeous and confident but wonderfully kind and humble Goddess D that she is now…

  3. pinkyasumi said:

    is Ramyum the secret? hehehe…
    i’ll start my ramyum diet now! hahaha..

    and i agree!!! she looks younger now than when she was active in the Philippines. though she’s skinnier now too.

  4. “She seems a bit younger now,” — agree with you, she look more young these days but still hoping for the round cheeks in her philippines to come back 🙂

    She should disclose her secret already,” over her “beauty preservatives” secrets” —- RAMEN ? and BB cream?? BLACKJACKS?? 2ne1?? thunder,durami,and omma?? YG fam??

    What kind of preservatives does she eat?” – she aint FRESH member of 2ne1 for nothing 🙂

  5. its in the ramen…..hehehehe

  6. yup! 100% fresh! No added preservatives! LOL!
    Goddess D, how do you do it? ^^
    You and your youthful beautiful glow who never ages
    but more like has become even more younger and gorgeous as time passes~
    the envy of many most def!^^
    The vampire article last week, and now this? LOL!
    Go! Dara! GO! ^__^
    thanks belle for the trans!! you are always fast! ohdara Jjang!!

  7. Ohdara is already spreading the word for months now. Our Goddess is 100% fresh, no added preservative. Netizens are not paying attention. What more secrets do they need to know for their prune skins 

    • sweepberry said:

      Ah! too bad to me XD
      Our Goddess doesn’t have “preservatives” secrets for she’s always FRESH!! as OhDara said 100% Fresh! ^0^
      Let’s spread it with ♥-♥!!

  8. LOL, R A M E N???

  9. BlackjackBelle said:

    I LOLled at the “preservatives” term! LOLOL! I mean, we preserve food, but not people, right? But I weighed it down and “antiseptic” would have been a worse term to use. Haha!

    But yeah, timeless beauty FTW! <333

  10. smartee said:

    oh, our goddess’ immortal beauty, the envy nowadays of korea media..

  11. smartee said:

    oh, our goddess’ immortal beauty, the envy of nowadays of korea media..

    • really how did u know?? opinion only?? i think so also ahaha… i wish there is an article saying..sandara the most envy!!! ahaha that would be great!!!

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