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Instagram + Netizens Comments: Sexy, Confident Dara Shows Off her Awesome Summer Body ~ Abs Galore!!!

OH MY GOD. Dara is crazy toned! SO SEXXXYYYYYYY! ❤ More pictures like this juseyo?!


Dara’s summer photoshoot now going on photo by CL #tagaytay#philippines

Netizens comments on articles:

  1. [+1,762, -57] Everytime I see her, I feel that she’s really good at self-discipline..!

  2. [+1,362, -34] I think she’s the member in 2NE1 who hasn’t changed (appearance-wise) much~~ so prettyㅎㅎ

  3. [+1,072, -37] I want a body like that, too

  4. [+941, -25] She suddenly looks healthy

  5. [+856, -29] Wah, she’s so slim. Please always show us your good image~♥

  6. [+183, -15] If a girl has that kind of abs, it means she had to do such hard workㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠ Ah, I’m jealous. I gave up half-way my diet and experiencing the yoyo effect. ㅠㅜㅜㅜ

  7. [+167, -10] 30 years old,,, with that age, and still looking that pretty,,, o_o

  8. [+156, -13] Because being skinny stresses Dara, she purposely made those absㅋㅋShe looks more than healthy

  9. [+136, -9] I thought this unni was just small and skinny, but those abs…

  10. [+116, -9] Sandara is really good with self-discipline….! It’s not easy for a girl to make those abs. Those abs are the kind where you have to work hard and exercise for a long time o_o

  11. [+114, -10] Sandara Park looks so young, has nice skin, and is pretty.. of course she did so much self-discipline but she’s the type to not gain weight, I’m jealous..

  12. [+113, -11] Wow… with that body and face, are you sure she’s 30 years old…?

  13. [+106, -5] I saw her in person, and she’s not just slim, her body is so tiny like an elementary student’s body. The word “small” isn’t enough to describe how small her face is~ it made me feel like this giant monster…

  14. [+96, -4] Even through the photo, she’s so skinny~ I’m sure in real life, she’s suuper skinny~ seems like the type to not gain fat

  15. [+99, -8] Dear mother, how can you consistently work out and be pretty. She’s 30 years old and she’s cool…ㅋㅋ Really good at taking care of herself

  16. [+98, -13] Her body is daebak.. the best..

  17. [+91,-9] She’s pretty and has a baby-face plus that body… jealous.. moreover, as a girl looking at her, she’s cute and lovely

  18. [+84, -8] Wow, she looks amazing,,,,

  19. [+75, -8] She used to be super super skinny, now she has abs…ㅜㅠ♥

  20. [+55, -2] Who says she’s 30. That’s a lie

  21. [+57, -5] I’m a little biased when someone looks pretty but Sandara Park just looks so pretty like a girl-next-door unni. Personally, I think in 2NE1, she has the best personality and very humble. Fighting

  22. [+50, -2] It stresses her that she doesn’t gain weight so she worked out to have abs.. I thought she’d lose the abs after the concert but she still maintains it o_o

  23. [+54, -6] Those abs… prettyㅠㅠ

  24. [+50, -3] The abs look clearer than during the concert o_o;;

  25. [+47, -2] Sandara Park has never gotten surgery and has a naturally pretty face~ I hope that she doesn’t get surgery in the futureㅋㅋ

  26. [+45, -1] I saw her in person during their concert and her face is f*cking small and her body is so tiny? Anyway, she’s so tiny that I don’t see her as a womenㅠ She’s so skinny and short.. her face is fantasy-like

  27. [+48, -5] She gets a lot of praises with her beauty because she’s in 2NE1. She’d look so pretty if their concept was a lovely concept. But it’s always leather and baggy clothing, such a waste


Sources: daraxxi and The Blackjack Table for Netizens Comments

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