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Twitter: Vampire Dara Shares “2 Years Ago, 2 Years Later” Photos~ Spot the Difference!

Spot the difference.. The buildings and the pavement may have changed, CL might not be there with her in the other picutre (*sobs*my DaRin heart T_T) but vampire Dara stays the same.. XDCOpBXGeU8AA2MtA

2 years ago and 2 years later


After 2 yrs at the same place… But.. Without CL 😢 baby I’m so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely~~~ 🎧 



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Instagram: Casually Stylish Ssanyorker Up and About in NYC Before Givenchy Fashion Show

When this shirt comes out in Penshoppe at our place, I am so buying it! Casual Dara before glamming it up for Givenchy.. ^_^


The atmosphere of Ssanyorker eating brunch ☺️ Ssanyorker in NYC


Here at the same place after two years.. The memories.. after 2yrs at the same place


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