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Twitter: Sweet Dara Shares a Beautiful Bouquet and Yummy-Looking Cake for Happy6th2NE1~! Happy 6th Anniversary, 2NE1!

Happy 6th Anniversary, 2NE1! ❤ To be honest, I’m a bit sad that we didn’t get to see a picture of the girls celebrating together, but hey, maybe not now but later.. I really miss the 4 of them together.. We do have to understand though that at this point, they’re branching out and doing their own stuff at the meantime.. But I am still holding out hope that one day soon we will see them reunited, hopefully within the year.. ^^

Again, Happy 6th anniversary! Last year, they spent their anniversary here in the Philippines, doing their AON tour in Manila.. ^^ Here’s to more fruitful years to come!!!



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Photo: 140626 Smiling 2NE1 at Tower Records in Shibuya

Our pretty OT4! ❤



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Twitter/Instagram: Cutie Dara Uploads Photo Of Adorable 2NE1 With “Crush” Japanese Albums

OMG! 2NE1 being adorable! Kekeke! Dara so cute!!! <3333


DARA: Japanese album after 2 years! Everyone hasn’t forgotten & waited for 2NE1! Thank you for loving us~ 2NE1’s songs are playing at the store~Thank you! TSUTAYA Shibuya!



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Instagram: CL Uploads A Group Pic of 2NE1 Backstage After AON Concert ~ “NEVER FORGET #MARIDEORDIEGZBZ”


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Instagram: Leadah CL-roo Uploads a Cute Picture of the Girls Inside the Photobooth – “2NE1 we ALL IN”

Wahhh, our girls, so cute and dorky and funy and I just miss them so much that this is hitting me right in the feels! T_T My OT4 forevah! ❤ And how cute is Dara at the back trying to be seen, kekekeke! XD I can just imagine the four of them squeezing into the tiny photobooth.. ^^


2NE1 we ALL IN


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Photo: 130319 CL Reveals 2NE1’s Matching Tattoos on Instagram

OMG! This upload just brings out my 2NE1 feels more! Their bond is just so great~ T_T I am not sure if the girls got permanent tattoos but I can’t help but be emotional over this. OT4ever. ♥

Dara – Club, CL – Spade, Bom – Diamond, Minzy – Heart



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