Me2Day: Dara Updates with 2NE1’s 3rd Anniversary Gifts!!!

I’m glad that I took a breather before I decided to post this me2day update by Dara or else the entire post would be something along the lines of.. “OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! CRYING! CRYING! CRYING! T_______T”

But…. thankfully…. I let all my hyper emotions settle down first before posting Dara’s me2day! Well, DARA UPDATED WITH OHDARA AND WELOVEDARA’S GIFTS!!! Yehey! Together with our gifts, Dara also updated with gifts received from 2NE1CHINA and OH MY GODDESS! If you check out our PROJECT post above, you can see our gifts for Dara for 2NE1’s 3rd Anniversary. We are slowly sending the gifts in parts and thanks to OH MY GODDESS, they will give the gifts to Dara slowly for us.

In deciding on what gifts to give Dara, we took into careful consideration the fact that she truly loves personalized gifts. We already know how rich Dara is. She can basically afford almost anything that she wants. So, we decided to pour our heart and soul into making every single thing personalized. So, with the awesome creative ability of @BlackjackBelle, we decided to make Dara chibis from every single music video she has ever been in as well as almost every single endorsement she has ever been in. ^_^ That makes it around 22 MV Chibis and around 30 Endorsement Chibis. And thanks to the creative mind of @OhItslai, we also decided to make a Dara Planner. 365 Days of Dara goodness. ^_^ We still have more gifts up our sleeves which will be revealed later on.

After everything has been designed, we decided to have the designs printed out unto hoodies and shirts. But to make them more personalized, we had the chibis printed out in cloth too and we decided to make Dara Chibi Dolls which we personally handstitched and placed on top of the hoodies. Yup! Everything is personalized and made by the hands of Daralings!

We love Dara and we hope through our hard work and through little things, we can make her happy and let her feel how much she is loved! This me2day update is simply just a plus! ^_^

3주년 기념으로 팬분들이 만들어보내주신 선물들~!!!+.+ 악 완젼 맘에들어!ㅠㅠ 다라후드, 다라티셔츠, 다라양말 등등 악!!! 완전 맘에두뤄어~! 귀여워어~! 데뷔무대부터의 무대사진들로 만들어진 사진앨범도잇고! 캭! 소중한 추억들..^_^ 감사합니당!

The gifts that fans gave in celebration of our 3rd anniversary~!!! +.+ Ack, I really love it! ㅠㅠ  Dara hoodie, Dara T-Shirt, Dara socks, and others, ack!!! I really like it~! It’s so cute~! They also created a photo album containing pictures of our stages ever since debut! Kyack! Such precious memories.. ^_^ Thank you all so much!


Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara