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News: Actor Lee Sung Jae’s favorite spring time song is 2NE1′s “I Don’t Care”


Actor Lee Sung Jae revealed that he has a song he listens to whenever this time of the year hits. That song turns out to be one of 2NE1‘s oldies, “I Don’t Care“!

March 29th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘I Live Alone‘ showed the members Noh Hong ChulKim Kwang KyuDefconnSeo In GukKim Tae Won, and Lee Sung Jae preparing for the season of spring.

The members talked about songs that remind them of spring, and Lee Sung Jae had other nodding along when he shared, “When it becomes spring, I listen to ‘I Don’t Care‘.”

Then, Kim Tae Won started playing 2NE1′s song on his guitar and Lee Sung Jae attempted to sing the chorus of “I Don’t Care“. Defconn started to sing along as well, and the others laughed as “I Don’t Care” suddenly transformed into a trot-like song in their attempts.

Source: Allkpop

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