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Instagram: Harin Shares an Adorable Photo with her “Sweetest” Dara-Unnie ~ “Love You Unnie!”

Awwww! Harin is so cute and sweet! ❤ Dara and CL are really close, so I’m glad that she and Harin got to know each other too.. ❤ So cute! ^^


happy birthday to the loveliest and the sweetest dara unnie 💖#10minuteslatepost #loveyouunnie


Source: _harinlee

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: CL’s Sister, Harin, Updates a Cute Photo with Dara Caught in the Background, Playing with a Dog

Beautiful Harin  with Dara at the back playing with a dog. So cute! I remember when Dara used to be scared of dogs.. I remember in 2NE1 TV when she almost cried while meeting Gaho because she was scared of him, even though he was just a puppy then.. And look at her now!! /proud mama feels



Credit: _harinlee