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HQ Photos: 140530 Goddess Dara at KBS Cool FM “Volume Up” Recording

HQ photos of nothing but gorgeousness~! Dara giving hearts to the fans is such a pretty sight! ♥_♥





Twitter: KBS Volume Up Twitter Account Tweets Dara’s Cute Mistake

Kekeke!!! So cute! Dara sent a message to KBS Cool FM in the morning hoping it would reach her during her radio show, but it turned out, it went to the morning show. Kekeke! ^_^

Bo422DBIYAA3it_ 1 2


DARA: I sent a message to #8910 at home, did it reach?

STAFF: Let’s see.. umm.. if you sent it in the morning, it’ll reach it for the morning show right Dara?

DARA’s Reply:

Hukk.. Oh.. I didn’t even realize..ㅠㅠ confirming my stupidity


Source: @krungy21 + @kbs_volume
Translated by: @sumiinkim

Photo: 140530 Pretty Dara With Fans After KBS Volume Up Recording

Awww! Dara taking time to take a picture with fans~ ♥ Always so sweet, Dara-ah! ^_^


Source: @littlestone_

Photo: 140530 KBS Volume Up Twitter Account Shares Pictures of DJ Dara Tearing Up

Aigoo! Dara crying because today was the last day of recording for KBS Volume Up. T_T She must really love working there. Don’t cry Dara-ah. T_T




What to do with DalD. She cried while recording the Sunday’s closing>< Please listen to the weekend radio as if we’re together 🙂 Please cheer her.



Source: @kbs_volume
Translated by: @sumiinkim

Photo: 140530 Park Byul Shares A Polaroid With DJ Dara

Here is DJ Dara with tonight’s guests! ^_^



Source: @Park_ByuL
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Photos: 140530 Fantaken Photos of Pretty DJ Dara at KBS Cool FM Volume Up

Dara looking like a kid, waving to the fans! So so so pretty!!! ♥♥♥

Also, Dara was seen holding the bouquet of flowers from WLD and OMG~! Kyaaaa! T__T






Selca queen! ^_^




Dara with the bag, close-up! ^_^



More photos below! ^^


Twitter: KBS Volume Up – “No!! It’s not goodbye yet Dal-D! Don’t cry already!”

Omo don’t cry Dara-ah! T_T She looks so cute pouting and all… but I don’t want to say goodbye to DJ Dara yet. T_T

Her headband says, “Good bye Dal-D” T__T

Bo3_OIKIcAAr96A Untitled

No!! It’s not goodbye yet Dal-D!! Don’t cry already ! >_< 


Source: @kbs_volume
Translated by: Ouley_Soleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Videos+Translations: 140529 Adorable Yellow Dara Enjoys Her Time at “Cute Fruits” Corner with DickPunks Plus Surprise Guest ~ Same-Age Friend, Park Ji Seon







Credits: MediaVolume891

From @ilove2NE1girls :


Dara: I really really very very missed all of you!! I’m Volume up’s special DJ Sandara Park! #DJDara

Dara is rlly wearing training clothes lol #DJDara 

Dara: What you heard just now is F(x)’ Hot Summer. It’s a song that fits well with the hot weather. It’s so hot today right? #DJDara

Dara ate samgyupsal (and more) today #DJDara

Dara said that what shes holding a monopod and she took it with her because she wants to take a commemoration shot of her being a DJ #DJDara

Dara: I’m sorry but im just wearing a wig. My hair is so damaged so i cant go out without wearing it. #DJDara

The guest said Dara and her are still not that close and Dara said they’ll get closer today #DJDara

Jisun: I really like Dara. #DJDara

Jisun: Dara is now global… Philipines, US… #DJDara
Dara: I like my bansak hair. I think i look good with that hair. #DJDara

Listener said shes making strawberry jam and asked Dara what to do about it but Dara said she doesnt know how to do it haha #DJDara

Dara: People who sweat because of exercising are cool. #DJDara

Listener said the song Dara is playing on Dar-a Dar-a corner makes her heart jump & Dara said its the same for her and she missed this song

Listener said she misses Dara acting like a baby ( cute) and Dara said shes a DJ there but ended up talking cutely so she said sorry LOL



The guests for the second part of the show are Dickpunks. ^^

Dick Punks are now inside and gave their nice to meet you greetings #DJDara

Dick Punks said they were really excited to go to Volume Up today #DJDara

DP: It’s nice seeing DarD for the first time #DJDara

Dara pronounces sol as ttol, c sharp as tti-ttap!! hahahaha #DJDara

Listener: MTBD is so good
Dara: Its good right. You have to see this live! #DJDara

Aww Dara is so proud of CL and said she’s their leader ♥ #DJDara

Dara said she’s having a mental breakdown right now lol #DJDara

Dara: There’s green banana in the Philippines and theyre very delicious. Ah i miss it.. #DJDara

Theyre narrating the story again hahahaha their laughs #DJDara

Dara: Time flies so fast today.. how was it with me today?
DP: It was okay..
Dara: You praised me a lot today.. #DJDara

Dara: Lets be happy until the end #DJDara

#DJDara day 4 jas ended and dara finished up by saying “Volume Up family, we will be happier!” ♥♥♥

From @MyPeas_ :

#DJDara Playlist 
Hot summer – f(x)

#DJDara Playlist:
2) Epik High – Ride

#DJDara Gag women Park Jisun is here!~

#DJDara J: Dara is global now, phil & LA, its hard to see you

#DJDara Dara & Jisun are same-aged friends! The listeners can’t believe it haha XD

#DJDara I’m more nervous when on Radio than on TV. Since I’m alone here

#DJDara I really like dara~ After we became sns friends you invited me to your concert & I went

#DJDara Jisun is talking about she sat next to Dara & Thunder’s mum at the concert

#DJDara My hair is short. This is a hair piece I’m wearing. I wore this to appear more pretty & feminine haha

#DJDara Jisun: I had this style since i was young. Only the color changes some times
Dara: No its good for a person to have their own style

#DJDara Since I’m not performing, my style here is more normal

#DJDara Dar-a Dar-a Bright Dar-a is starting!

#DJDara I don’t know how to make Strawberry Jam but isn’t it like apple jam you leave it for a long time?

#DJDara (Mother worried about her daughter not getting married)
Mother why don’t you wait a little bit more?~ kekeke

Will go over the “Dar-a Dar-a Bright Dar-a” corner when the video is out because there are something I think I got wrong

#DJDara We sometimes play pranks on our staff that haven’t traveled abroad before for fun. Its cute~

#DJDara We tell them for example, you’re suppose to take off your shoes before getting on a plane

#DJDara Dick Punks are coming today! Listeners are warning her about how playfull/mishcevious they are

#DJDara Playlist:
Dick Punks – Sunglass

#DJDara 2nd part starting!~ As usual she’s introducing all the gift sets they’re gonna give away

#DJDara playlist
Lee Se Joon – B On D

#DJDara Dick Punks acted out the story today

#DJDara Only 3 of the 4 members are here to day (of DP)

#DJDara said i watched you guys on tv alot and they started laughing saying they barely appear there XD

Listner : DP, this is your first time meeting DalD. How is it?
DP: Its really nice~ Was the studio always this bright? 😉

#DJDara They’re talking about the cats they raise

There are alot of girls who do it on purpose, pronouncing words with a short tongue to be cute. DP: Do you do that?
#DJDara: No way, never

#DJDara Playlist
CL – Mental Breakdown

#DJDara Listener: What’s your recent Menbong moment?
Dara: Right here right now lol
DP : Ayy, you’re doing well don’t say that

#DJDara She’s acting like a kid doing animal voices for the story they’re reading

#DJDara They are talking about weird thing they ate. They mentioned Grasshoppers & asked her if she tried it.
D: No, I haven’t challenged it

#DJDara recommended Green banana (?). I guess she had it in the Philippines.She told them not to mind the color, its very sweet

#DJDara Suddenly I had to do the mother part..aghh..I didn’t do well
DP: No no you did great
Dara: I’m getting complimented a lot today

Both Dara & DP seem confused LOL
They said, let’s just skip over this message

The listeners are correcting them, and DP go “We know this too! Its just that we didn’t remember it..” haha XD

#DJDara Listner: After listening to this song, I wanna eat Patbingsoo
DP: Its really the season for it now~
Dara: Yes! I want to eat it too

They talked about different types of patbingsoo they like and Dara mentioned an incident she went to a cafe to have some with her members
#DJDara As a an idol girl group member, I’ll have to say “No comment”
(She seemed flustered and they were laughing)

#DJDara The last corner was “Love Today”, which she read out a message by a young female listener.

From @G_yonggoon :

Listener asked what’s that fly swatter thing you’re holding. Dara said it’s that selfie taking stick.

Dara said she’s already getting sad about her time on Volume Up coming to a close and she’s already formed bonds to Volume Up family.

Dara worried that people won’t submit things to Dara Dara bright Dara segment NP Epik High “Ride”

Selfie taking stick <—– my wording for monopod cuz I’m the one doofus who didn’t know what the hell that was

Dara opened the hour with analogies to how hot the weather is then played F(x)’s “Hot summer”

Guest reveals how Dara was so stressed how she would fill the time for a week as guest DJ but she says she wasn’t worried at all for Dara

Listener asking how Dara and guest know each other. Guest saying they don’t know each other but Dara says they will get to know each other

Guest says she desired to get closer to Dara after an incident with Dara’s mom. Dara’s reaction: ah mommy! 🙂

Guest asking if her hair is extension. Dara says in order to look nicer for fans she wore extensions

Dara says even now she wants to shave her head like bansak style cuz she really thought she looked good that way

Jisun asked her if her hair was short under the hair extensions. Dara said it’s shorter than the extensions.

Mmm earlier open in segment. Listener was complaining about cooking in this heat and how she slaved over stove to cook her husbands request

Listeners husband then called to say he would eat before coming home which upset her. Dara scolded him mildly & said next time don’t eat out
Listener asks how to encourage husband who is working hard in this hot weather. Dara says surprise him with cool watermelon.

Ajumma asks Dara to make her old daughter to marry. Dara says “mother, everyone has their perfect match. Be patient. She will find hers too”

Dara Dara bright Dara seems to be like a wishing on a star segment like rhyme in America that goes like this. “Star light star bright brightest star I see tonight. I wish I may I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight” so Dara is like the star listeners wishing on

First segment listener asked to help her make yummy strawberry preserves. Dara says she doesn’t know but she guesses it’s like apple preserves. It becomes yummy when you let it ferment for long time

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk Dara’s different voices for her story soooooo cute!!!!

Listener says their cousin thinks you need passport to go from Korea mainland to jejudo Dara says it’s understandable misconception.

Dara’s staff often try to trick her when traveling out of country. Ex: saying you have to remove shoes on plane LOL

Another listener asked Dara to help her win her BF’s parents over. Dara said to be genuine and herself and it will work out.

Oh hahahaha wait. Dara plays tricks on new staff that haven’t traveled not other way around ahahahahhahahahahahhaaha that’s even funnier!!!!

Listener says she’s in process of removing makeup after long day and it’s such a hassle wouldn’t Dara agree?

Dara agrees it’s hassle to remove makeup but it’s good to do good job to maintain good skin.

Puahahahahahahha last part was the part where she was asked to speak cute with aegyo like baby and Dara was dreading it cuz she can’t do it.

She tried for like two seconds then cut herself off saying sorry she can’t. And that listeners can vomit if they need to. LMAO

Dara said she also has a small paper sack hidden behind her so she can throw up herself ahahahhahahhahahhahha hahahha

Listener asked how to confess to her crush. Dara said ask the guy out, if it doesn’t work to say “wait I like you & you don’t like me?!”

Mom asking how her son is doing son answers ok. Mom keeps pushing and finds out son is in love and he says it’s Dara. Mom misunderstands with word play that the girl is sweet. (Daldah) but the son says no it’s Dara Dara. Sandara

Dara is trying to sound like cute little kid for this skit ahahahhahahhahahh ahahahhahahahhahaha

Dara cringing at her own portrayal of child voice ahahahahhahahhahahaha

Scenario was between teacher and child student who had pronunciation problems

Dara asking if guys really like that aegyo talk some girls do. Guests say yes but not when it’s obvious. Has to be subtle.

Dara says she can’t talk like that ahahahhaha then she plays CL’s menbung ahahhahaha cuz this segment make her have mental breakdown? LOL

Listener confirmed asking “kkkk menbung is that your state right now Dara shi?” Dara said yes ahahahahaha

No Dara is not mental breakdown cuz of coDJs. She mental breakdown cuz of aegyo segment smh

And to clarify she said she would try to be subtle if she ever did aegyo to guy cuz coDJs said guys like it but only if it’s subtle/natural

From @DearDara1112 :

Oh Dara wish Korea to win in championship daehaminguk pakpakpakpakpak

The guest said it’s been long time to be in kbs radio and meet Dara too she said Dara is global especially in Philippines and Dara said nooo

The guest said she kinda worried for Dara to do radio alone and Dara said too she’s nervous at all

The guest said she really like Dara amd comin to the concert and she already prepared for her hair and she met Dara mom

How’s your mom Dara? Uwaaaa I wanna see your mom too Dara ya

Now they talk about Dara hair and she said it’s like hair clip to make it pretty cause she already cut it

Dara said about her bansak hair it’s pretty for her and the guest said it’s her little kid style before kkk

Song playing again now. Jisunssi anyeooong dara said it with the guest I think? And She mentioned about hawaii maybe the title of the song?

The listener even asked Dara about the stick she holding before and she said it’s monopod for selfie thing aigoo dara so cute

Aaah that’s why dara so happy cause the guest also from busan her hometown ^.^

Dara real hair is short and she wear extension to be more feminine but in her opinion she looks pretty on bansak hair

Dara laugh before open segment again haha wonder what they talk hihi

The listener asking Dara how to giving heart for his girlfriend parents and dara said it giving it slowly

Dara said about listener confess maybe she said I like you and then you don’t like me? Lol

Dara said a girl who doin sport is cool and other heejinssi make surprise to her husband with giving him food like watermelon

The song when Dara open the segment is also loved by Dara I do love that too darayaaa

Dara imitated is just too cute omg hahaha she should doin darama soon

Dara using pajama goin to jejudo with the members and she just do like neee in sketchbook whenever she awkward with audience lol

She asked the members how is the time difference between seoul and jeju island she told this story really excited cause of the member

And the most interesting is she tough goin to jeju also need passport from seoul aigoo dara such a cute misunderstanding haha

Did dara just going to washroom before? Kkk

She said dadooongah let me goin to washroom lol

Dara said she’s learn to to the radio dj great wow ma hardworkin girl

Dar also revealed how to mantain her skin is with remove her makeup diligently

Once again listener asking dara to do aegyo but she said she can’t and didn’t do it lol

Dara really can’t do the aegyo and she afraid the listener will vomit and she does. But she already prepared for the paper sack to vomit lol

Dara said meet them in television and she said they did well and Dara said please help me I’m nervous haha

The listener said is it hard today with the codj? I think many mans there now and they talkin about cute cat

I wanna eat dara said that in baby aegyo makin them all laugh at the end aigooo dara you’re goddess of aegyo

They really like to speak in aegyo like adding yong in the end of formal speech aaaaah so cute I love them

Dara said she will not be shy again do the aegyo next time aigoo thanks codj today

Dara said it’s their leader and listener said cl voice is so good and the codj said our leader not here lol

Dara said jigeum danjang right noew and listener said are you menbung now? That’s her answer lol

Dara said you should watch menbung live it’s so cool aaaah supporting dara♥

Dara imitated tiger now aigoo so cute when the codj ask what your name? I’m a tiger aigoo darayaaa♥♥♥

They talking about animal now like dog and suddenly grandma who eat kokam is kinda food that YG give all you’re remember it?

Dara talk about banana in Philippines and she said it’s tasty

Psy now playing ottokalaeeee dara being supportive YG PR like I said before YG so lucky to have amazing PR like Dara

Dara doin acting again omg so cute she said it’s a dog and a cat here aigoo so cute dara become an omma now lol

Dara just said heol lol long time I heard this of her hahahahah she said appa yojaneun irokke chua means girl like this I like

One of the male said aaaah it’s so cute when dara imitated it kkk

Suddenly they told about scary things like a ghost or something make dara said were in the studio only 5 of us ok whispering

I think dara is not shy but she’s just kinda scared to make people awkward beside her but with this radio dj she prove all is wrong♥

They talkin about what is their favorite patbingsu and dara said milk patbingsu is good me too like that daraya

Dara become an omma again now. What happened kids? What’s wrong? And they said something I don’t know to touch by Dara makin me menbung lol

Omaygat dara never stop words hahahha dara totally become menbung cause this ot4 they’re too 8d to be real haha

Dara said today is really funny how they talkin about their family things and members she said cause I’m in girl group they start lol again

Dara said time come more faster today and asked them are you all tired? And they laughing like crazy even in the closing they laughing lol

Closing time. We’re gonna be happy till the end. And the story is so sweet and dara giving the present for her

Twitter: @krungy21 Shares Another DJ Dara Fanart, Anticipates Last Radio Streaming

Dara sharing another fanart! ^^ This time, it’s DJ Dara taking a selfie with her monopod! Keke! ^_^ Oh how adorable is she looking for the second night’s fanart? Haha! Sooo cute!!! ^_^



Today’s DalD’s appearance^^ I wore cute yellow to match with the Cute fruit corner~ Today’s one hour.. why did it flow so fast.. now I think I’ve started really enjoying. But tomorrow it’s the last watching radio


 In the weekends, we can only meet through voices.. I was concentrating so much on the show that I couldn’t do any pretty actions infront of the cameraㅠㅠ would I be able to greet nicely tomorrow? For our last watching radio..! Oh! But aren’t you going to draw a pic of the tuesday’s DalD?

Note: Dara would still be the DJ for KBS Cool FM Volume Up until June 1. But tomorrow, May 30, would be the last radio streaming with video. ^^ It would solely be radio on Saturday and Sunday. ^^


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @sumiinkim

Photo: 140529 Pretty Dara Leaving KBS Building After Her Stint as a DJ in “Volume Up”

Cute Dara in her casual training clothes. Keke! ^^ I’m not sure what she was doing in the second picture though. Hehe! Showing aegyo to the fans maybe? ^_^


According to @littlestone_, today at the recording, Dara gave out these chocolates to the fans who went to see her. Caring, thoughtful Dara! T_T These candies are famous in the Philippines. ♥



Credits: @OMG_SANDAR + @littlestone_ + Oh My Goddess!
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara