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Admin Post: D-1 To Goddess Dara’s 30th Birthday!


D-1 To Dara’s Birthday!

Have a meow-wific time as we look forward to a few more hours before our goddess turns 30! Don’t forget to join in on the Twitter Trending Party at 12AM, KST on November 12 (That’s 11PM, Pacific/Philippines time). ^^

UPDATED! Admin Post: Dara’s Birthday Twitter Hashtag 2013 #HappyDaraDay ~ Come and Join In On The Fun!


Thanks a lot to everyone who joined in and voted on our poll! The winning hashtag is


So we would love to invite you to come and join all of us in Twitter on Dara’s birthday! Let’s all be online and start tweeting with the hashtag #HappyDaraDay at exactly 12AM, KST on November 12! Show your love and appreciation for our dear goddess and let’s enjoy as we endeavor to make it trend!

I hope you guys can join us! Fighting!

For those asking about timezones, check out a list of common timezone equivalents below!