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Twitter: Dara Tweets About 2NE1’s Collaboration with Lee Hi at MBC Gayo Daejaejun

As news from a few days ago told us, 2NE1 would be collaborating with Lee Hi – 2NE1 will be performing ‘1,2,3,4’ while Lee Hi will be performing ‘I Love You’ – and PR Director’s promoting it! Now who else is excited to see their collaboration? I know I am! ^_^


DARA: It seems that we’ve been given a cute hoobae of our own~ ^_^;;; Today sunbaes 2ne1 will take the stage with Lee HI~ of course many of your are going to come cheer us on right??? See ya later!!! Fighting!!! >.<

Source: @krungy21

Translater by: @ygfan4life

Video: Will.I.Am Confirms Collaboration with 2NE1 at #Willpower Album Wrap Up Party

Kyaaaa! Been waiting since forever! T_T I’m so excited for this! I hope we would get to see and hear this collaboration soon. ♥